[Cartoon] "Who will become OP this time?” - About the Recent TFT and Balance Issues


Today’s cartoon is about how the popular League of Legends mode, Teamfight Tactics is getting along and balance issues.


It’s been more than two months already since TFT’s first release. Although it’s just the start, being based on a solid IP, the game mode is providing new things to the users all the time. Seeing the TFT version of the champions on the Rift is quite interesting. Along with the addition of champions, the items and systems are constantly revised. Obviously, there were major improvements with the bugs and errors that appeared near the launch of the mode. It can be said Riot is doing their best to make improvements and to bring new metas with fun and convenience.


However, issues regarding the balance are still being rose. The TL;DR version is this: every patch, more than one ‘Bully’ composition appears to destroy the entire balance system. As it is structured that way, ‘luck’ is one of the biggest requirements to be successful in TFT. The problem is that it is nearly impossible to counter a specific composition with other attempts and tactics. Therefore, people who want to win are forced with those ‘bully compositions’, and this makes the game a bit too conventional to make it boring, or create a high level of entry barriers.


TFT is a light mode compared to the Rift, and it could be said that wins or losses are decided more with luck than tactics. As much as it is designed that way, it would be always interesting to gamers if they can overcome ‘luck’ with innovative tactics or strategies. For the users to do so, it is always more and more important for the game itself to be balanced between the champions and items.


It seems necessary for Teamfight Tactics to have more access to ‘Tactics’, it seems they may need to take into account its overall balance more in detail. The mode is still being developed, and I hope wise patches would be applied. May the ‘Spatula’ be with you in your games today and the days to come.

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