6 new heroes will join Dota Underlords in October's "The Big Update", Valve says

Dota Underlords is on the cusp of being released, if we're to believe the developers' latest blogs. The autobattler, almost three months in an open beta stage by now, has been receiving smaller patches lately. But not for much longer, the publisher announced. There are two big updates in the crosshairs: one internally referred to as "The Big Update", slated for the first half of October, and the official launch of Dota Underlords not long after.

In "The Big Update" a total of 6 new heroes will enter the fray. Not much is known about their specifics, but Underlords' developers did tease that 3 new hero alliances will be part of the same update. The October update is also when we'll finally learn what role the titular Underlords are going to play in the game, as two of the four Underlords will be made available then.

"Not long after," Underlords' developers say, the game will leave beta and launch officially. This comes with the two other Underlords, a Battle Pass and the game mode City Crawl. Valve has shared a screenshot of their current internal Underlords build on which we see some of these features, as well as Underlord Anessix, who has 28/36 "Turf Control", whatever that may mean.

Shortly after this update about the game's future, a small balance change was implemented too. Odds of finding a Tier 4 hero at levels 6 to 8 were reduced by 5%, slightly pushing them more towards the late game. Another change that stands out is the Ace Effect of Disruptor: it now applies the effect of Warlock's alliance to 1 target per Alliance level.

Full patch notes:


  • Reduced the chances of finding T4 Units by 5%, from level 6 to 8.



Arc Warden:

  • Maximum Health changed from [700, 1400, 2800] to [600, 1200, 2400]


  • Ace Effect:
    • Now prevents gaining mana from attacks while Hexed, Silenced or Stunned, instead of draining it.


  • Ace Effect:
    • Now reads: The effect of the Warlocks Alliance is now applied to 1 target per Alliance level.



Warlock Alliance:

  • Healing changed from [50%, 80%, 130%] -> [50%, 70%, 100%].

Assassin Alliance:

  • On a critical strike, Assassin's wound the target reducing healing done by [50%, 100%]

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