APK Prince Defeats Hanwha Life Esports and Jin Air Green Wings to Reach the LCK


APK Prince defeated Hanwha Life Esports and Jin Air Green Wings and reached the LCK.


In the 2020 LCK Spring Promotions/Relegations, APK Prince became the first team to qualify to compete in the LCK next year by defeating Hanwha Life Esports and Jin Air Green Wings in order. In the first match, APK upset Hanwha Life Esports 2-1 yesterday to reach the winners’ match, and won against Jin Air Green Wings 3-1 today.


APK Prince finished 4th in the regular season of the 2019 CK Summer Split. By taking down Brion Blade and VSG, they reigned as the champions of the 2019 CK Summer and were given the opportunity to be promoted to the LCK. As of today’s win, they have qualified to play in the LCK for the first time in team history.


There were no teams that were promoted to the LCK in the 2019 Summer Promotions/Relegations as both kt Rolster and Jin Air Green Wings managed to win the matches. However, in the 2019 Spring Promotions/Relegations, two teams made it to the LCK: DAMWON Gaming and SANDBOX Gaming, who reached the playoffs in both splits this year. Now fans will be looking forward to what the new team can bring to the league.

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