Vancouver Titans' JJANU Gives an Assertive Opinion on Why He's the Best Sigma

Vancouver Titans are proving yet again that they're able to perform in high-pressure matches. Against the Gladiators, qualifying for the winner's finals, the Titans were able to adapt in this meta and conquer the Gladiators. After their victory, Hyeon-Woo "JJANU" Choi spoke with Inven Global about the match against the Gladiators and his thoughts about their next opponent.

What was difficult about this match against the Gladiators today?

Compared to other teams, the Gladiators are very unexpected and fast with their tempo. They’re a lot faster in initiating compared to what our timing is, so it’s very unexpected. Because their timing was so good, we were struggling a bit. But, we were able to win in the latter half of the match because we were able to adjust and respond to them faster.

Was there one particular player that you needed to stop in this match?

Surefour was the most dangerous. Even before the match started, you could see his really good stats on Reaper. This match proved that he is consistently good on the hero, and it was very hard to deal with his threat in-game.

What do you think was the Gladiators' biggest weakness?

The Gladiators are very explosive in initiating. But, since they’re playing such a fast-paced game, it’s also harder for the Gladiators to react. That’s why when we started counter-attacking or counter-initiating faster, it was a lot more difficult for the Gladiators to deal with that pressure, as they were trying to focus more on attacking.

Photo by Stewart Volland

When did you realize that you could just dominate the whole game and beat the Gladiators?

Honestly, up until Lijiang, I thought that it was very difficult as the Gladiators were playing well up to that point. But after our first hold on Eichenwalde, when we were defending first, we truly realized that we would be able to hold their push and win the match.

Your next match is against the winner between NYXL and Atlanta. What team would you rather face and why?

I personally would like to face Atlanta because they are the better team out of the two at this moment.

So if Atlanta is better, what are NYXL's weaknesses?

I haven’t really thought about it, but I think they need to play more fluidly. In terms of macro play, they could do better in terms of positioning or using different compositions.

Out of all the playoffs teams remaining, who is the strongest team at the moment?

Honestly, all of the teams are difficult opponents since they’ve all had good records heading into the playoffs. I think all of them will be hard, but if I have to choose one team, it would be the San Francisco Shock. Even though they got knocked into the loser’s bracket, I think that they’ll come back stronger, make the run back through losers, and back into the grand finals.

Any messages you would like to say to your next opponent?

I’m not that good at provocation. [laughs] 

Or is there anything to say to a specific player?

Oh, well since I’m playing Sigma a lot, I’ve heard that Meko from NYXL and Gator from Atlanta are both highly rated Sigmas at the moment. Both have been doing pretty well, but no matter who I meet next, I’m confident in outperforming them on Sigma.

▲ Photo by Stewart Volland

Any final messages to say to your fans?

Well first off, we are a new team, and we’re racing towards the end, so I’m hoping to work hard to make it to the grand finals and have a good conclusion to our season. Please continue to have high expectations and continue to cheer for us.

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