Vancouver Titans' TiZi Shares Mental Insight in His First Overwatch League Game

A new meta and new hero means nothing to the Vancouver Titans. They are the same dominating team we have seen all year. A change for the Titans coming into their first playoff game against Seoul Dynasty was subbing out Sang-beom "Bumper" Park for their newest acquisition, Jang-hyeon "TiZi" Hwang. After their Titans' victory, TiZi spoke with Inven Global about playing on the Overwatch League stage for the first time and getting acclimated with his teammates again.

What are your thoughts about playing your first game on the stage especially being a playoff game?

I did feel a lot of pressure because it was a quick turnaround time for me to be here. I didn't have too much time to adjust to everything. Since we all played with each other before in Runaway, I trusted my teammates and they trusted me. As long as my teammates can protect me, we will win.

How did you prepare for the current meta with the addition of Sigma and balance changes?

I tried my best to go along with what the team does like their plays and positioning. At the same time, I tried to find my own playstyle throughout the game. 

What kind of things did you work on?

For our team as a whole, we didn't have much to work on in the game. For me, though, I got punished a lot in the game. I needed some time to adjust but I am learning as I go.

What things were you getting punished on?

In the current meta, if you get hit by Doomfist's ult, you're basically dead. Whenever the team calls where our opponents are, I tried to place my shield where they tell me. This is still a learning experience for me but I hope I played well.

Photo by Ben Pursell


How nervous were you playing on the stage for the first time? How did you get over those nerves?

I got very nervous since this is a big stage. I tried this Eastern medicine that helps me calm down but a downside is that it doesn't make me think efficiently. However, after the first map, the nerves came down and I felt like I could play normally.

You mentioned that it didn't take long for you to synergize with your teammates since you played with each other before. How did you find that synergy again?

I already knew my teammate's characteristics and playstyle from Runaway so it didn't feel too bad. It was a matter of understanding the meta.

Going into the next match, what do you have to improve on?

When I get to the team house, I'm going to watch the next match. While watching the Spark and Gladiators, I will think of a plan on what I need to do.

Would you rather play the Spark or Gladiators?

I want Hangzhou to win because I've been practicing to play Hangzhou more than Gladiators. I think we know more about the Spark's playstyle. 

Thanks for the interview! Is there anything that you would like to say to the fans that have been waiting for you to play on the stage?

I really appreciate all the fans cheering for me. I'll try my best to help my team get to the grand finals this year.

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