[Cartoon] Overrated? G2’s Confidence Goes Viral Among LCK Fans


Today’s cartoon is about the different recognition of LCK fans towards G2 Esports and the LEC.

Teams are qualifying one by one for this year’s LoL World Championship. As fans are curious about which team will make it to the championship next, there have been some interesting opinions going viral among the LCK fans.

The topic was triggered by G2’s bot laner, Perkz’s tweet. When Tahm Kench and Braum were picked in the LCK finals, Perkz called out these picks on Twitter. Following the tweet, the eccentric behavior of the G2 players such as playing rock-paper-scissors for picks during the draft or their mocking of Fnatic in chat went viral; behaviors considered not tolerable in the LCK. There were two main reactions from the LCK fans on this matter. The first one was that trash talk and reasonable banter is necessary for a sport, that it’s to make something for the fans to enjoy. These fans considered it a cultural difference and that it’s not a big deal.

What went viral were the negative reactions. The EU region reached the finals in the two most recent international competitions and ended up winning the championship in one of them, the MSI. However, these fans claimed that it’s too early to say that the recent uptrend of the LEC and G2 brought them to another level ahead of all regions. Especially for the LCK fans, which was the most dominant league for a long time, it would be difficult to admit that EU is the best region.

Another dispute is about the performance gap within the LEC. Although G2 and Fnatic brought the bar up for the league, the prowess difference of G2 and Fnatic compared to other teams is evaluated to be very big. The argument is that the league shouldn’t be recognized to have improved as a whole.

Anyways, it’s true that the LEC carries an important role in the current international LoL scene. According to the conference after the finals, LCS teams will be going to Europe for bootcamp. The only way to prove, or find out the truth about the dispute is the results at the upcoming World Championship. Will G2 and LEC clinch the World Championship to prove that they’re worthy of being so confident? What’s for sure is that this would be a very interesting point to keep your mind on in the Worlds to come.

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