Lunatic-Hai beats Team Pandemonium in a dramatic comeback

Lunatic-hai once again reigned supreme in Lijiang Tower by turning the tables on Team Pandemonium 3-1 in dramatic comeback to advance to the finals of Xenics Overwatch Power League Preseaon, where they would face off against LW Red. Using their strength on control maps, Lunatic was able to come back in the match and take the victory for themselves.

Game 1 on Hanamura

In Game 1 of Hanamura - a map known to heavily favor the attacking side - both teams easily capped the point within five minutes. Everything came down to defense. Lunatic successfully fended off enemy attacks for a while but, with only one minute remaining, couldn’t hold on to Point B. Conversely, Pandemonium quickly gave up point A but defended B perfectly, taking the first point of the match.

Game 2 on Lijiang Tower

It was Game 2 where Lunatic scored a clean sweep. During the game, Lunatic hardly let Pandemonium to take the control point at all and won 3-0. The assertion of Lunatic’s dominance in control maps wasn’t unfounded, and they evened the score 1-1.

Game 3 on King’s Row

Lunatic efficiently defended the first round on King’s Row. Though Lunatic lost control of the first point early, they outplayed their opponent by holding the payload at a choke and denying the effective use of Pandemonium’s ultimates. Lunatic showed an impressive display of skill to secure a flawless victory and took the series to match point.

Game 4 on Numbani

Thanks to Miro’s Winston constantly harassing the enemy and using Jump Pack to disengage, Lunatic showcased their exceptional team coordination and successfully defended the first round on Numbani. Pandemonium seemed to have lost focus, sometimes aggressively pursuing enemy on their own and getting picked off. Lunatic then took the first control point on attack and secured their spot in the finals.

Xenics Overwatch Power League Preseason Quarterfinals Decider’s Match Result

Lunatic-hai 3 vs 1 Team Pandemonium – Lunatic advances to finals

Game 1: Lunatic-hai Lose vs Win Team Pandemonium – Hanamura
Game 2: Lunatic-hai Win vs Lose Team Pandemonium – Lijiang Tower
Game 3: Lunatic-hai Win vs Lose Team Pandemonium – King’s Row
Game 4: Lunatic-hai Win vs Lose Team Pandemonium – Numbani



Source article by Inven Haao

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