A Busy Figure in the LoL Scene, Cpt Jack Starts His Compulsory Military Service on Sept. 2nd

Kang Hyung-woo, an ADC whose also known as ‘Cpt Jack’, will enlist to serve his mandatory military service on Sept. 2nd.

Cpt Jack made his debut in the LoL pro scene in 2011, and made his name known under the teams, CJ Entus Blaze, Jin Air Stealths, Greenwings, and Longzhu Gaming (currently Kingzone DragonX). After his tenure under those teams, he became a commentator for SPOTV and a streamer for Cloud9.

Cpt Jack continued to keep himself relevant in the LoL esports scene. In 2018 All-stars, he played the 2v2 exhibition match with Faker as his partner. Given his infamous history with Faker and his Alistar, he has put on quite a show during his 2 vs 2 event. This year alone, he served on the LCK analyst desk, and also attended an esports event in Europe alongside President Moon, during his visit to Europe.

With regards to his compulsory military service, Cpt Jack commented, “I know it’s late, but I’m just doing something that I must do.” Helios and Shy, who also started their mandatory service 3 months earlier, gave Cpt Jack some advice over the phone and said, “It’s not so bad, because people actually live here. However, try to skip individual combat training if you can.” Lastly, he showed his affection for LoL and said, “After I finish my service, I hope to continue my work in the LoL and its esports scene.”


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