GZ Charge's Rio Explains How the Charge is the Best Team Right Now

Guangzhou Charge continued their momentum from Stage 4 against their match with the Chengdu Hunters. Even after a meta shift with the newest hero Sigma, Guangzhou had a convincing 4-1 win. After the match, Seung-pyo "Rio" Oh spoke with Inven Global about finding a viable comp in the new meta and how Guangzhou will make it to the grand finals.

Photo by Robert Paul

How much time did you prepare for these playoffs and the current meta?

When the new meta came out, all we had to do was practice really hard. We had to watch VODs, keep having team meetings, and talked a lot about the game. Then, we found our team's concept when it came to playstyle. Hopefully, our style is able to outperform other teams.

Your team as a whole performed so well against Chengdu. How did you strategize a viable comp for this meta?

Our DPS players have a specific hero that they excel at. For tanks, they are good at almost all the heroes. That's why we can make flexible strategies that can work in this meta. 

Do you feel that the comp that was used today, mainly Pharah, Doomfist, Sigma, and Orisa, was solid or needs more tweaking?

Like I said before, there was a short amount of time to prepare. I think the comp we showed today is solid to a degree. If our opponents bring a totally new concept, it depends on the players to devise a way to counter on the spot. We have confidence in each other to make an instant decision. 

Photo by Robert Paul

Today was your first match in the postseason. Was there any added pressure from it or did it feel any different from regular season games?

The stage feels the same obviously, but there was only a little pressure knowing these games ahead are important. One loss means our season is done. When the game started against Chengdu, I felt all the pressure went away.

Like you said, one loss wipes away the season. How do you take this momentum from your win against Chengdu and retain it against Seoul?

I'm really confident that we can get to the grand finals. We beat Seoul before so I think we can do it again. After that, we can take this momentum into playoffs to show our true final form. 

Are there any of the Top 6 teams that you fear playing against assuming you head into playoffs?

Other teams have some sort of weakness. For San Francisco Shock, they're all-around solid - players, coaches, everyone. 

Photo by Robert Paul

One last thing, you're representing Guangzhou in their first glimpse of the OWL postseason. Knowing that there are so many fans watching you win from Guangzhou, how does it feel to represent the region and knowing all those fans watching? 

I want to show the fans that we can get to playoffs, show the fans we can get to the grand finals, and show the fans we can take it all the way and bring the trophy back to Guangzhou when all is said and done.

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