[2019 LCK Summer Finals Press Conference] kkOma: "I'm very thankful to Griffin for all the help they've given us all the time."

On the 31st of August (KST), SK Telecom T1 defeated Griffin in the 2019 LCK Summer Split Finals to win their 8th LCK Championship. SKT again defeated Griffin in the finals, this time, with a score of 3-1. After the match, team SKT joined the media room for a press conference.


How do you feel winning the championship?


kkOma: I’d like to say thank you to all the players and coaching staff. I’m getting greedy for the upcoming Worlds. We’ll put in a lot of effort to prepare for that.


Zefa: I’m thankful to all the players, the SKT organization, and kkOma.


Effort: I’m very happy that I finished my first finals appearance with a win.


Teddy: Since we came up beating all the teams from the bottom, I’m a lot happier than last time.


Faker: We had a lot of ups and downs this season; I’m extremely happy that we won the championship. With the confidence we gained by winning today, I’d like to get good results at Worlds.


Clid: We won Summer following the championship last spring. I really wanted to win it all, and I’m really glad that we did.


Khan: I’d like to thank all the fans that trusted and supported us.

(To Khan) You were shaky during Game 3. What was the reason?


Khan: Rather than being shaky, the situation made death inevitable. After the game, we had feedback talking about not making any inevitable situations, and that went well so we were able to win Game 4 without much trouble.


(To kkOma) The game ended 3-1. Did you predict that it would end 3-1?


kkOma: I had predicted 3-1 at the media day. The reason I gave that prediction was that unless it was a surprise strategy the opponent prepared, we would be able to win the match through feedback.

(To Effort) Griffin picked Volibear support. What did you think of it?


Effort: Volibear can put in pressure in the early game, so if we were just careful about accidents in the early game, I thought we would be advantageous with Xayah-Rakan in the late game.

(To kkOma) You talked about Yuumi at the media day. Was what you said meaning that you’ll ban her in all games?


kkOma: What I said that about Yuumi that day was just a joke. I’m sorry.

(To Teddy) Ezreal was a hot pick today. He was banned as well. Did you prepare Ezreal specifically?


Teddy: I didn’t prepare him specifically, but the opponent’s picks were pointing at Ezreal, so I played him.

(To Faker) The recent meta prioritizes the mid-jungle. SKT rarely falls behind in the mid-jungle. How would you rate your synergy between you two?


Faker: I think it’s pretty good. We weren’t able to have extremely good performance in the finals, but I think it was alright.


Clid: The synergy between Faker and I is really good. Game after game, our synergy seems to be improving.

(To Effort) It was your first finals. Weren’t you nervous?


Effort: Before I went up on the stage, I was a bit nervous, but after we started playing, it all went away.

Is there a moment that you thought you really contributed to the victory?


Khan: Although I died a lot in Game 3, what I did well was not taking that grieve into Game 4.


Clid: I think my teammates did well, and I also think what I did well is not letting the bad things from Game 3 affect my performance in Game 4.


Faker: I think we all did well for the championship. LoL is a team game, so I don’t think there’s anything that all the players didn’t help in.


Teddy: Since all the players did so well, I just did what I needed to do.


Effort: I think I controlled the vision better than the opponent support, Lehends.


(To Faker) There are many mid laners that are doing really well. What’s your secret to maintaining your prowess for so long?


Faker: Eat well, sleep well, and rest well. Sticking to the basic things is important.

How are your thoughts heading to Worlds?


kkOma: SKT’s last Worlds appearance was runner-up. Since we weren’t able to win Worlds for 3 years, I’d like to win this time to bring back the Summoner’s Cup.

You won your 8th championship. How do you feel?


kkOma: This is our 8th championship. If we win next time, it’ll be our 9th, and after that it’ll be our 10th. I want to keep winning. Man’s greed is endless.


Faker: I also am very greedy for winning the championship. I’d like to win as many as I can in the time I have left.


Khan: Doing something that nobody was able to do is very satisfying. I have the most championships among the LCK top laners; I wish this is never broken. I want to be the best forever.

(To Faker) What does this Worlds mean to you?


Faker: This Worlds is more important than any other Worlds. I’ll prepare for it more harder than ever.

(To kkOma) If the players show the performance they delivered today, do you think winning Worlds is also possible?


kkOma: If we think that, I think MSI2019 will happen again. The moment we get satisfied with our current state, we’ll fall. If we want to do well, we’ll need to prepare well.

(To Teddy) You killed Ashe in Game 2, which led to the team’s victory. Can you explain a bit about that moment?


Teddy: While we were skirmishing, Viper attacked me. I concentrated well and shot my Q at him; fortunately, that led to our victory and Baron afterward.

(To Clid) You got the MVP in the finals today. How do you feel?


Clid: The reason I got the MVP was that my team helped me. I think I just got lucky.

(To Zefa) Did you have any joker picks prepared?


Zefa: We did have some. If the situation was right, we would have used them.

(To kkOma) You can take up to 6 players to Worlds. Did you decide who to bring?


kkOma: I haven’t decided yet. The most player that’s needed before the roster lock will go with us.

Do you have anything that you’d like to say to Griffin?


kkOma: Griffin has always helped us in so many ways. I never had the chance to really thank them. I'm very thankful to Griffin for all the help they've given us all the time. After the third team for Worlds is confirmed, I hope we all practice together. Getting to the finals three straight times itself is a big accomplishment.


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