[2019 LCK Summer Finals] KR Reactions: "It all started when cvMax ripped down his own team..."

*Before Game


The price of my LCK ticket price is $100… I gave that money to my sister-in-law and sent her out with my wife to go eat something good…

└ You won’t regret it.

└ The cons of being married…

[Breaking News] Deft seen at the LCK finals!

└ “I wasn’t able to approve of the results…”


If SKT wins 3-0, Afreeca should be re-evaluated for winning 1 set off of them in the wild-card match.

└ Godfreeca...


SKT won a lot… Shouldn’t they just give the other teams a chance?

└ Faker’s the only one that won a lot

Casting predictions) Faker!!! HE PICKED GAREN!!!

└ Griffin’s Nexus gets destroyed in 11 minutes!!!

└ The match is being delayed for three hours due to a pause!

└ Griffin! Chovy picks mid Ivern for revenge!!!

└ Let’s not go too far…

Captain Jack is going to the army on Monday… Yet he’s on the analyst desk today?!

└ I feel so sorry for him…


What’s with the DJ?

└ I miss OGN...

└ If they made a DJ Sona hologram like Gorillaz, it would have been really amazing

└└ You should be working with Riot for the planning


Faker yawned. This game’s over. SKTWIN

Yup. Chovy traded yawns.

└ Now it’s up for grabs.


└ Chovy turned into Anchovy.

└ SKT mid-jungle really has class

└ Griffin losing the mind games in the early game…


If this happens, maybe next game, they’ll play Sword.

└ Doran wasn’t able to prove himself in any games, especially in such a big stage.

└└ Sword lost twice in the finals.

└ Griffin really needs more experience.


 Chovy is doomed.

└ Clid ganked mid twice… What’s Tarzan doing?

└└ Tarzan playing RPG in the jungle.

└└└ Seems like he connected to WoW Classic in the middle of the game.


Seems like Griffin will lose so smoothly.

└ Clid is too good.

└└ King of the jungle is Tarzan, and the God of the jungle is Clid.

└ Welcome to the retirement ceremony of Garenkaiser.


This is what happened up to mid game.

└ In the late game, they finished the bulk up for bot as well.


This was bad for Griffin…

└ Nothing has gotten better from the spring finals.

└ Still, I’ll look forward to Game 2.

The king of the jungle, so merciful, that he didn’t even fight.

└ He should play Ivern.

*Game 2

Are pauses just another tradition for the finals?

└ It’s taking too long… Riot should apologize.

└ It’s not even a neighborhood competition… Why so many problems?

└└ At least for neighborhood competitions, the headsets don’t malfunction.


Khan being Khan.

└ Griffin earned some time to recover their mentality!


Why Doran again...

└ Why isn’t Sword playing?

└ Did Tarzan have a huge argument with Doran?

└ Tarzan might be playing Monster Hunter

Getting tired of capturing all these moments. I feel so sorry for Doran.

└ It’s been only 1 month since he had his debut… Being bothered this much may cause him a trauma.


Faker losing his senses to keep it interesting.

└ Congrats on Griffin’s first kill!

└└ By the tower though.


They gave the ‘chair scene’ to this Tarzan?

*Note: The chair scene is traditionally given to the best player in the esports in Korea.

└ Whoever had Tarzan sit there should be writing up an apology.

└ It might be a fancy toilet.


*Game 3


I was happy that Griffin took up a spot at Worlds, but now, I don’t know…

└ Show us your reason of existence, Griffin!

Everything started here… It all started when cvMax ripped down his own team…


It’s Doran again?

└ Why isn’t Sword playing?


If Shen support was their joker pick… This is a bit disappointing…

└ Now I really don’t know…


Finally! Revenge!

└ The finals start now.

└ Griffin must have been whipped by cvMax with a belt during the break! It’s about time!


???: You guys used a belt? Then I’ll...


Griffin! You’re back!

└ Now it’s more like the finals!

└ My chicken is getting more delicious!

└ Griffin looks like another team!

└ It seems that cvMax gave them a bomb necklace that explodes if they lose.


Now that they’re more aggressive, the game’s going well.

└ Let’s go Griffin!


Tarzan in Game 3.

*Game 4


Griffin’s first ever Game 4 in the LCK!

└ Is that true?

└ Unlucky team…


Tarzan… You’re back…

└ Doran’s Tears…

I’m going AFK. GG, boys.

Gonna go see my girlfriend.

The End.

Tarzan in Game 4.

Chovy must be realizing the uncertainty of life...

└ He was always being called post-Faker… 3 consecutive runner-up finishes must make him feel so void…

└ I would try to console him by saying, you can do it next time, but it’s the third time already…

This is why I can’t stop being an SKT fan. Even if they fall to the ground down low, they prove themselves like this.

└ No matter how well the team repays the fans for their support, the best repayment is winning and getting the championship.


Griffin is the second offering for SKT’s legendary run.

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