TEPPEN, Capcom's Mobile Card Game, Announces Invitational Tournament at PAX West.

When you see Justin Wong, Chris G. and Sp00ky, an esports veteran can tell you that some serious fighting game action is about to go down. But, at PAX West, a new type of competition is taking place and it is outside of the normal realm of these esports legends.

TEPPEN is a mobile card that plays like a fighting game. Imagine if Magic: The Gathering took its action-and-response style gameplay and added in elements that test speed, reflexes, and real-time predictions. This is, in essence, the primary appeal of TEPPEN and why fighting game players who love Capcom characters and loving GungHo's latest game.

PAX Invitational.

To celebrate a new expansion and the games recent release, GungHo will showcase new cards, balance updates, and the latest playable hero, JIll Valentine from Resident Evil. TEPPEN features playable heroes from major Capcom IP's including Street Fighter, Dark Stalker, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, Megaman and Resident Evil.

▲ Jill Valentine as seen in-game during one of her Hero Art abilities.

Top-ranked TEPPEN players and fighting game champions will be competing for off their skills and competing for a prize pool of $23,000 during PAX WEST, August 30th - September 2nd. TEPPEN has already crossed the 2 million download mark and, with a new "Day of Nightmares" expansion, currently players are eagerly awaiting how powerful additions to existing mechanics (and new ones) might shape the meta.


To those in attendance, check out booth #825 for TEPPEN information and the invitational tournament.

For information on GungHo Online Entertainment America, visit www.gunghoonline.com, or visit GungHo on Twitter or Facebook

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