[Cartoon] The Strongest Teams Gathering to Head to Worlds!


Today’s cartoon is about the teams that have qualified for the 2019 LoL World Championship.


In the main regions, the summer split finals are happening, which started with the LCS. Also, as Worlds is approaching, fans are beginning to get excited about which team we’ll be seeing there. Who has reached Worlds so far?


In the LCS, the finals are over, and Team Liquid reigned as they collected their 4th consecutive championship in the league. Alongside Team Liquid, Cloud9 qualified as well. Especially for Team Liquid, it’s a new legend born, as they became the first team to win 4 consecutive championships in the LCS. With the amazing record they made, it’s the second straight Worlds appearance for Team Liquid. They are now collecting more attention than ever from fans who look forward to better results than last year’s group stage.


G2 Esports is the only team that has secured a spot at Worlds in the LEC. Through diverse strategies and unique picks, G2 is considered as another level compared to other European teams; as returning MSI champions, G2 should be one of the favorites at this Worlds. Now that the LEC is another strong league, we’re looking forward to which other teams will qualify for Worlds.


No word from LPL yet. FunPlus Phoenix and Top Esports, who showed impressive performances at Rift Rivals, reached the finals to keep their hopes alive to head straight to Worlds. Meanwhile, teams like iG, RNG, JD Gaming, and Bilibili Gaming are getting ready to fight fiercely to qualify in the gauntlet. What’s interesting is that last year’s world champion, iG’s current form doesn’t seem to be very good, and that EDG has failed to reach Worlds completely.


In the LCK, SK Telecom T1 and Griffin reached Worlds. SKT’s goal is to regain the throne, and Griffin’s participation means a lot to them as it’s their first Worlds appearance. As they will clash in the LCK summer finals, all fans are eager to see how they will do, as if the finals are a way to predict how the two teams will do at Worlds.


Another region that has teams qualified is the LMS. J Team confirmed a spot at Worlds first. They had a good run in the summer season, so they would be looking forward to their first Worlds appearance. Aside J Team, ahq e-Sports Club reached the summer finals to also reach Worlds in 2 years.


As the qualifiers are appearing one by one, more and more teams will be announced in order. I hope the best for all the teams you cheer for in the finals and regional qualifiers.

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