[LCK Finals Media Day] Between Friendship and Competition - GRF Sword and SKT Khan Play Mind Games With Each Other

On the 27th of August (KST), at LoL Park, the media day for the 2019 LCK Summer Split finals was held. Players and coaches of Griffin and SK Telecom T1 participated to speak with the media. After the conference, we were able to speak to the two top laners, Choi “Sword” Seong-won and Kim “Khan” Dong-ha.


There would always be tension between top laners, as solitude and pride are their symbols, but as it is known that the two players are close, Sword and Khan chattered on with their friendly banter.


Sword and Khan, what are the weaknesses that they think of each other? Will they surprise the other with their picks in Game 1? Let’s see through the interview.


Earlier in the conference, Khan said ‘I wish Sword plays because he’s better’. What do you think?


Sword: I think he’s joking. Or maybe just being kind? It seems that he wants to praise his friend.

(To Khan) You said that as a friend, you wish Sword gets a girlfriend. What does that mean?


Khan: I’ve been saying for a while that Sword is really handsome, but he doesn't have a girlfriend. I think it’s a national waste for such a person to be single. So I’m trying to get it out in public through interviews.

If Sword gets his first LCK championship title, it might help for him to get a girlfriend. As a friend, can you help him with that?


Khan: No, that’s impossible.


Sword: I would just get it on my own with my own ability.

(To Sword) What’s Khan’s biggest weakness that you think?


Sword: Khan's weakness and strength are that he’s full of confidence and very competitive. He gets really stressed when he loses, so that’s his weakness.

(To Khan) Then what’s Sword’s weakness?


Khan: Sword’s handsomeness is his weakness. Since he’s so handsome, he’ll have that thought in the back of his mind: ‘since I’m not successful here, I can still live off my face’.


Sword: I CAN live off my face.


Khan: If you have this thought, you don’t give 100% all the time. That’s his weakness.

I was going to ask about each other’s strengths, but you two told both…


Khan: Yes.


Sword: The weaknesses always hide behind the strengths.

It’s been a while since Griffin played in official games. Do you think it’ll affect your performance at the finals?


Sword: Many people think that could affect our performances, but as a pro player, we don’t get affected by those factors much.


On the other hand, SKT came up from the wild card match and has shown many different compositions and strategies. Does that affect the strategies to be used at the finals?


Khan: It may seem like that, but showing diversity in our strategies can also be used to have our opponents think more and have them feel pressured. Another thing is that we haven’t even shown everything. We have a lot more prepared.


Sword: Wow!

Now, how about a mind game? You can warn each other which champion you’ll be using in Game 1 at the finals. No need to be too serious.


Sword: Khan, pick Zed. I’ll play Yasuo.


Khan: Actually, when Sword picks Rengar, everyone gets nervous. I think he might prepare top Rengar. I can play… Top Tristana or top Lucian, the ADC cards any time.

Wait, isn't that actually something that could happen?


Sword: Yeah, he’s always been good at playing marksmen.

Lastly, a word to each other?


Sword: Please lose to us smoothly this time.


Khan: I’m not trying to praise him more because he’s my friend, but I think Sword is really good. I want to fight with whoever’s better. Sword is good enough to be compared to other top tier top laners I’ve faced during the playoffs. I hope he does well always.

So Sword is a guy that can satisfy you?


Khan: (Smiles)


Sword: Wha...


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