Dignitas Ssumday & Chaser: “We marked our debut in LCS and are ready to win our next match.”

On the second day of the 2017 NA LCS, Chan-ho “Ssumday” Kim and Sang-hyun “Chaser” Lee successfully made their debuts in NA LCS by winning against Phoenix1. Ssumday and Chaser revealed that they are happy to have won their very first match in LSC and will keep up the good work for their next match.

Below is our brief post-match interview with the two pros.



Q. How do you feel about winning today?

Ssumday: I’m happy to have won my first match in North American league. My former teammates in P1 should be okay since they already won their match yesterday. [laughs]

Chaser: I was really nervous to debut in NA LCS. I’m glad I could win.

Q. During our interview with Arrow, he said “apologies to Ssumday, but we won’t go easy.” Would you like to say something back?

Ssumday: Confidence is always great for a pro. We will be playing against each other again later and I will do my best, as always, to win.

Q. Maokai is one of the picks that Ssumday is known for and you were especially impressive with Maokai today. What are your thoughts on today’s gameplay?

Ssumday: I think the other team made some small mistakes in their picks and bans. But we also made our own mistakes during gameplay, and I think that is why we were struggling in the beginning of the match.

Q. There are other skilled players on the opposing team and there were moments when you had to play 1 against 2. How did today’s match go with you overall?

Chaser: Although we won, I don’t think this is all we’ve got. I think we can do better next time.

Q. This was your first match playing for Dignitas. How are you doing in regards to adapting to your new environment and getting to know your new teammates?

Chaser: The team is doing great in scrimmages and everyone gets along very well. We have four Korean members including the coaches, and I especially appreciate my teammates for trying to learn Korean to communicate.

Ssumday: We had been staying together in a camp for about one month and it’s been about 2 weeks since we arrived here in the US, but I feel like I’ve known them for years. Everyone is really nice and kind to each other.

Chaser: In terms of environment, I’m not having any difficulties. We have our cook who can make Korean cuisine and my teammates enjoy the Korean food too.

Ssumday: Our dormitory has a great view, but sometimes I feel kind of bored since there aren’t that many places to hang out. I went to this park outside of our dormitory and took some pictures for fun.

Q. A lot of Korean Pros are participating in North American league. Do you keep in touch with some of them?

Ssumday: I still keep in touch with my former teammates in P1. I used to talk to them regularly back when I was in Korea and still do so today. Because I just got to America, I don’t think I have anyone who is a close friend to me, other than my former teammates in P1.

Chaser: I’ve been talking to my former teammate, Flame, a lot since we were both going to America. We rely on each other and that has helped me a lot.

Q. A lot of people say that Junglers are too strong in the current meta. Also, this was your first match with the 10-ban system. What are your thoughts on the current meta and strategies?

Chaser: Jungle DPS champions scale extremely fast after getting kills. The 10-ban system gives more advantages to teams with better strategies in picks and bans as well as teams that are good at mind games.

Ssumday: I agree with the idea that Junglers are too strong in the current meta, but I don’t worry too much about getting used to the new meta. I’ve done that a lot.

Q. Would you like to say anything about your remaining matches?   

Chaser: We have successfully marked our debut in LCS today, and will keep up the good work.

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