GZ Charge's Happy: "If you want to be good at snipers, just watch me."

Other than the Washington Justice, the Guangzhou Charge has made a huge splash in Stage 4. Jung-woo "Happy" Lee has been clicking heads and taking names with sniper heroes like Widowmaker and Hanzo. After the memorable match against the Dallas Fuel in Week 4, where a long pause occurred in the last map, Happy was still jubilant for an interview. Happy spoke to Inven Global about being the best sniper in the league and the postseason.

Photo by Robert Paul

Thank you for your time after this long pause. What was going through your head during that time?

I was really cold, hungry, and a little bit frustrated but I waited patiently. We can't really blame anyone for that matter. Things come up unexpectedly and it's better to deal with it now than later.


In this stage, you've been one of the best snipers in the league. Do you agree with that and why?

I do agree with you that I feel like I'm the best sniper right now. From the games we've played in this stage, I've had a good feeling of playing any sniper and being good at it. If you want to be good at snipers, just watch me. 

Also, I want to add that I first saw Taimou playing Widow before going pro and he was the inspiration behind me playing Widow. 

How happy are you to see DPS back in the meta?

Definitely, yes! With GOATS, I was not able to play Zarya so I felt very uncomfortable. Now, I can go back to my wheelhouse with DPS heroes. That's why I'm happy.

▲ Photo by Robert Paul

Is there anything you learned from playing GOATS that you use in this meta now?

Strategy and tactics-wise, nothing really because the meta changed. As a team, we learned how to play more as a team, how to cheer each other up, and how to give each other feedback to improve.

Play-ins start in about two weeks from now. How excited are you to be part of the postseason?

I have the confidence that we can play any team and beat them. We'll be ready.

If you could pick any team to play against in playoffs, what team would it be and why?

It would have to be the San Francisco Shock. I want to play against the strongest team and that's them. In any meta this year, they've been the strongest team and I want our team to make a statement by beating them.

If the Charge played the Shock right now, give me a general idea of how you would beat them.

It's really hard to say, specifically. Just with how we've been playing lately, we'll beat them.

Photo by Ben Pursell

One last thing before we leave after this long night, anything to say to the fans?

Throughout the stages, we didn't perform that well. We will surprise everyone, get to grand finals, and win the championship. I believe and hope our fans do too.

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