Atlanta Reign's Erster: "3-3 is something I want to erase from my memory."

In the final stage of the Overwatch League, the Atlanta Reign had a resurgence after a disappointing Stage 2 and 3. A huge part of the Reign's success is due to the new role lock meta. Another reason for their success is their DPS player, Joon "Erster" Jeong. After Atlanta's victory against the London Spitfire in Week 4, Erster spoke with Inven Global about playing DPS in this stage, becoming a Hanzo god, and how Atlanta will improve on heading into play-ins.

Photo by Robert Paul

How are you? 


Congrats on the win today! 

Thank you!

First of all, how happy are you to play DPS?

Back in 3-3, I was very stressed out playing Brig. In this meta, even if I don't perform sometimes, I'm really light-hearted and not stressed out. 

Photo by Ben Pursell

Was there an adjustment for you to play DPS heroes again?

Yeah, definitely. Back with the 3-3 meta, Brig isn't a hero that can take control of the flow of the fight. It was really frustrating to see the team lose because I couldn't do anything. 

When 2-2-2 came around in this stage, what did you learn from 3-3 that's helped you today?

Nothing to be honest. [laughs] 

3-3 is something I want to erase from my memory.

What heroes do you think you play best in this stage so far?

Genji used to be my best hero, but I've been playing Hanzo and Mei. At one point, I thought my Hanzo was the best. Now, it's more Genji and Mei. 


I think it's funny that you say that because there is a stat going around that you are rated as one of the best Hanzos right now. Can you tell me what makes you one of the best Hanzos in the league?

Back then, I used to one-trick Hanzo in scrim. If you one-trick a hero, you're bound to get good at it. I guess I wasn't expecting to be one of the best Hanzos at first, but I'm happy that you told me. 

Are you afraid of teams countering your Hanzo?

I don't mind if teams come after me. Come at me, bro.

Are there other heroes that you want to play on stage?

I really want to play Lucio because he seems fun. I used to play him a lot in comp games. It would be really fun to play on stage one day. It's not for trolling!

The LA homestand is next week and you will participate in both days. What are you looking forward to next week?

It's going to be really good. I'm looking forward to watching the Valiant versus Gladiators. Watching it will bring back emotions from the Atlanta homestand. 

Do you think the LA homestand will be just as good as Atlanta?

Every homestand has its unique taste to it like the Battle of LA, for instance. I think each homestand has its appeal, and so far, kept me engaged. I think every homestand we've seen this year is a good example of things to come next year.

Photo by David McClone

From your experience at the Atlanta homestand, what can be improved going into next year?

The practice rooms were scuffed - it literally had computers in the middle of the room with mirrors. We were practicing with our Academy team that weekend. When we were practicing with them, you can move your head a little and observe your opponent easily by looking at the mirror. 

In this stage, Atlanta has been dominating against their opponents. How will you take this momentum heading into playoffs?

Have fun in scrims. As long as we check and predict what our opponent's comp and strategies, then we can have a good run. 

Communication is something we need to work on heading into play-ins. Sometimes, there are mistakes that occur as a team because of miscommunication between Korean and English speakers. 

What team would you like to play against in playoffs?

Mainly, the San Francisco Shock. They're really good in 3-3 and consistent in 2-2-2 as well. 

Photo by Robert Paul

Are there any shoutouts that you want to give?


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