SKT Faker: "The goal I have in mind isn’t getting straight to Worlds, it’s to win the championship, so I’ll be running until then."

The last match of SK Telecom T1 and SANDBOX Gaming of the 2019 LCK Summer Split was finished after midnight. The match ended in SKT’s favor, 2-1, securing SKT the 4th place slot in the playoffs. In the match, Kim “Clid” Tae-min and Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok delivered splendid performances and were voted as MVPs.


The following is an interview with Clid and Faker.


It was an extremely long match, but you’ve confirmed a playoffs spot. How do you feel?


Clid: Our recent performance wasn’t very good, so we had a 2-game losing streak. I hope we can get back on a positive flow so that we can do well in the playoffs.

How was today’s match for you, Faker?


Faker: It was good.

Wasn’t it exhausting with the long pause?


Faker: I often get stuck with bugs, but it was a new bug, so it was really interesting.

Clid’s Lee Sin was fantastic again, but you didn’t pick him that often this summer.


Clid: I went in a bit different direction than the previous picks. I was target-banned of many picks, and I thought Lee Sin was a good pick. The opponent didn’t seem too cautious of him, so I played him.

Your performance got better and better as the time got later. How was the feedback?


Clid: Game 2 was so long, I don’t remember well… After Game 2, the feedback was mainly about focusing on objectives, and since SANDBOX seemed to put a lot of thought into positioning, we had feedback on that as well.

After the pause, you cut off Jarvan IV and gained the upper hand. How were the calls?


Clid: We were going to check Baron, and it seemed like Jarvan IV was trying to destroy the wards there, so we went to gobble him up.

Why did you hit Karma first at that moment?


Clid: Since Karma has CC and has the ability to hold, we focused her first.

There was another impressive moment in Game 3 above Baron pit. How were the calls there?



Faker: Everyone wanted to fall back, but I said let’s just fight. When Lethal Tempo is activated, the attack speed gets really fast, and it makes me want to hit stuff, so I said let’s fight. Looking at the highlights, I think I could have dodged the Jayce Q; it’s regretful that I wasn’t able to.

Your record on Azir is 8-0, and your Neeko is also undefeated. What about those two champions go well with SKT?


Faker: They are versatile champions. They can make plays in any situation, and I think that suits SKT well.

Now you have secured a spot in the playoffs. A word to the fans who waited this long watching you?


Clid: The match went past midnight. I’m really thankful that you all cheered for us until the end. I’ll make sure that we deliver good performances in the future as well.


Faker: It was a long match. Let’s go have some food. (Laughs)

Now you’re going to playoffs. Last time, your “prophesy” about having the long win streak went well. Do you have something this time?


Faker: I have a good feeling that we can succeed to take down the teams in order. We’ll prepare the matches well… The goal I have in mind isn’t getting straight to Worlds, it’s to win the championship, so I’ll be running until then.



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