MVP ADD: "Camille is a singularly overpowered champion"

Geunmo “ADD” Kang openly spoke about the overpowered nature of Camille.

On January 22 (local time), MVP defeated Afreeca Freecs 2-1 in the first matchup of Day 5 LCK Spring Split 2017, held at Gangnam Nexon Arena, scoring a first win in the season. In Set 1, Max’s Malzahar and Ian’s Corki showed off some remarkable plays, while, in Set 3, ADD proved once again why Camille’s instaban status is well-deserved, leading the team to victory.



Below is the post-match interview with ADD.

How does it feel to score the first win of the season?

It’s too bad we lost to bbq Olivers, but since we got a valuable first win today, I’m satisfied. I’ll show better plays in the next match.

You’re the only player who plays Sion. Under what circumstances do you pick him?

I still believe Sion can hold his own agasint most top lane champions, except for Camille who is singularly overpowered. So, I just pick him whenever. [laughs]

Max was impressive on Malzahar today, prioritizing him as a first pick. Do you think Malzahar is a tier 1 champion after Rengar, LeBlanc, and Camille are taken?

I don’t think he’s exactly a tier 1 champion, but I guess we took him away from Tusin who often favors Malzahar. We drafted Zilean because we remembered winning with him against Malzahar. It turned out okay.

You played on Camille today. Why do you think the opponent let her slip through the ban phase?

We probably broke the record for the shortest match time today. Perhaps, Marin felt confident enough on Kennen to handle Camille. No matter how the laning phase goes, Camille will eventually win games in the end. In fact, people often focus on her laning prowess, but her late game potential is even better.

When you were on Camille, Beyond came to top for an early gank. Was it something you prepared beforehand?

No, not really. I guess Beyond saw an opening and came up early. I personally think Camille can take on any champion once she acquires two core items.

Anything we missed you’d like to say?

I guess we lucked out in the draft phase this time. I wish to show better plays in draft as well as in macro plays.

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