JAG Head Coach H-Dragon Looks Back at the Season

Jin Air Green Wings became the first team to go winless for a full LCK split. After the match, head coach Han “H-Dragon” Sang-yong expressed his thoughts about the season.

As the team went 0-18 in the season, H-Dragon visited the media room to talk briefly about the season. “All I can say is that I’m sorry,” started H-Dragon. “It really feels regretful that our performance didn’t improve much.”

Although many people suggested that Jin Air’s performance has been on the rise and that it was better than that of the spring season, but H-Dragon thought differently. “Our performance didn’t improve much, neither did our macro, which was considered our biggest weakness,” said H-Dragon. “We had chances to win in the early game several times but we weren’t able to take advantage of those situations, only to keep losing. That led to worse performance.”

When asked what the team focused on improving during the season, he said, “Honestly, each player lacks prowess, but what was worse was that the teamwork was bad as well. We tried to take one step at a time from improving laning ability to objective fights, and vision fights.” H-Dragon held back his regrets by saying, “During practice, what we focused on to improve was alright, but in official matches, the results were bad.”

With a last comment regarding the relegation/promotion match, the interview was concluded. “Before going to the relegation/promotion match, we would have to improve everything that we weren’t able to solve. We will survive no matter what.”

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