GRF Doran on Tarzan's Solo Queue: "It seems that we do similarly, but he’s the only one that gets really high."

On the 16th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split, Griffin defeated Jin Air Green Wings and returned to the top with 1 match left. It was a clean 2-0 victory, and in the match, Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong and Choi “Doran” Hyeon-joon delivered outstanding performances to be voted as the MVPs. 


Below is an interview with Tarzan and Doran.

You have one more win left to becoming 1st place in the regular season. How do you feel?


Tarzan: We won the first game out of the two remaining games… I think we’ll be able to prepare for the next match with a much comfortable mind.

It’s the first MVP interview for Doran. You had said that giving an interview is the most nervous thing for you.


Doran: Yeah, I’m really nervous now.

How do you feel about today’s victory?


Doran: I’m thankful to my teammates for having faith in me and to Sword for helping me so much.

There was a 2v3 at top, but you went in and won that fight.


Tarzan: At that moment, I thought we would be able to win the 2v3 so we went in.

Game 2 seemed to go more smoothly. Doran picked Mordekaiser, which isn’t a very popular pick.


Doran: I enjoyed playing Mordekaiser in solo queue, and this game seemed perfect to play him so I picked him.

It would be quite different from solo queue; how did you plan to play him?


Doran: I think it is important to win in lane.

When Tarzan picked Kha’Zix, you grinned. Why did you smile?


Tarzan: Since Kha’Zix was buffed, I thought he could be picked sometime. The reason I grinned was that my teammates were saying things like, ‘alright, we’ll have a pleasant ride on your bus’ or ‘yeah, you’ll carry’.  I don’t think I did much though. (Laughs)

Doran showed one of the best moments, the 1v5 in bot lane.


Doran: I scaled really well, and I took up all the aggro. I used my ult on one, got him and came back.

So was the 1v5 intended?


Doran: Actually, I thought it was only three… I just found out it was 1v5 now. (Laughs)

Tarzan breached 1700 points in solo queue. How did you do it?


Tarzan: I think I was quite lucky. All the teammates I met did their best.

(To Doran) Aren’t you jealous of Tarzan for getting so high?


Doran: It seems that we do similarly, but he’s the only one that gets really high. (Laughs)

A word to the fans?


Doran: Thank you for always cheering for us. I’ll do my best next time as well.

You said you were nervous about interviews, but you’re doing so well.


Doran: My body is shaking now…

Any last comments regarding the next match?


Tarzan: We need to prepare well without being careless to win.


Doran: If we win the next match, we go straight to the finals, so I’ll make sure that we win.

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