Vancouver Titans' Bumper: "If you're playing alone, turn off the mic, and cuss as loud as you want. Speaking from experience, it does relieve stress."

Vancouver Titans continue their reign of dominance in Stage 4. A huge factor for the Titans' success is Sang-beom "Bumper" Park. Bumper spoke with Inven Global about his thoughts on the new meta, and delved into his positive outlook in and out of the game.

Photo by Ben Pursell

What are your thoughts on the Stage 4 meta?

It's more fun than playing GOATS in the previous stages, maybe a little more fun. 

What are the differences between playing 2-2-2 and GOATS?

I was actually expecting the meta to have more variance. But, since the meta is just Orisa, Reaper, and Mei, it is basically GOATS 2.0. I miss playing Reinhardt on the stage, but I'm forced to play Orisa. 

Was it an adjustment to play from Reinhardt to Orisa?

Orisa is probably one of the easiest heroes to play. If you don't know how to play Orisa, you're kind of stupid. 

For the rest of the team, was it difficult to adapt to the 2-2-2 meta?

Before GOATS was a thing, we were actually known to play under 2-2-2 back in Contenders. I don't think many people knew that about us. I think our 2-2-2 play is one of the best in the league.

Before Stage 4 started, did the team experiment with different comps than we've seen lately?

We tried to play different comps. However, for tanks, you need to play Orisa. She is way too OP. As for DPS, you can always switch off depending on the situation. 

We wanted to use more of a comp around Genji because Haksal is really good at Genji. Dive comp is definitely a lot of fun to play. If you try to play dive now, you'll always lose to Orisa.  

Photo by Ben Pursell

Aside from the game, there's one thing I've always wanted to know about you. You always have a positive attitude on stage, in front of the camera, etc. What keeps you happy throughout each match?

We've been a team for so long that we're basically family now. So I always enjoy playing with my teammates in every game, win or lose. 

Do you ever feel tilted when playing? If you do, how do you recover from it?

When we go back into the dugout during halftime, everyone is cheering each other on and staying positive. I do feel tilted at times, but my team knows how to keep my head up.

How do you spread positivity within each other?

When one person expresses positivity, it snowballs from there. Even in the game, if our opponents push the first point, then we all help each other reset mentally and remain focused on the task at hand. 

Photo by Ben Pursell

Can you tell me a time when you felt you were at your lowest and how were you able to come back from it?

Back in APEX days, we always failed to win the championship. In Contenders 2018, we were defeated in the semifinals and I really wanted to quit Overwatch after. Then, Runner gave me guidance and helped me. 

He said that if I stop now, all the hard work and practice I've done so far will go to waste. He believed that we would win and told me that we should try again. Ever since that time, he kept cheering for us. Without him, I think I wouldn't be here today. 

Do you still keep in contact with Runner today?

I still talk to him and ask for his advice. Like, he would tell me now to try my best, no matter what.

If you had any message to the fans who play Overwatch and feel tilted when they play comp, what would that be?

If I had mental breakdowns during games, it's hard to recover on your own. If you're playing alone, turn off the mic, and cuss as loud as you want. Speaking from experience, it does relieve stress. 

Photo by Ben Pursell

Lastly, thanks for talking to me for the first time. Are there any shoutouts that you want to give?

I want to thank all the fans who keep supporting the team, no matter what the results are. Thanks to my teammates who got my back. Lastly, thanks to my parents who supported me with this pro gaming career.

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