SB Summit: "The enhanced life steal is okay, but what’s made Aatrox better is that all other champions were nerfed worse. He is a tier 1 champion."

On August 15th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split, SANDBOX Gaming defeated kt Rolster 2-1 and became the third team to reach the playoffs. As both teams were very motivated, it was close to the end in which Game 3 became the longest game of this season. After the match, the two MVPs of SANDBOX Gaming, Park “Summit” Woo-tae and Kim “OnFleek” Jang-kyeom were interviewed.


It was a close match. How do you feel?


Summit: We gave and took a lot of blows, but I think our concentration was better in crucial situations.

Game 3 was the longest game of this summer. What did the coaching staff tell you after the game?


OnFleek: They praised us for keeping our concentration to the end.

KT picked Xerath in the last match. How was playing against him?


Summit: When Xerath started poking, it hurt. We really didn’t see that coming.

How were your plans to put up with him?


OnFleek: Xerath naturally doesn’t have any skills to help him survive, and he didn’t buy any items that do either, so I thought we should jump on Xerath no matter what.

How was the last teamfight?


OnFleek: We had 2 Elder buffs stacked, so I thought if we just initiate a teamfight properly, we would win. I saw a decent chance for a fight, and we won.

It still was a close fight. How were the comms during the fight?


OnFleek: It was so hectic; I didn’t know who said what. In the end, someone shouted ‘we won!’ and I realized that we did.

(To Summit) Did Aatrox become even better because of the life steal without his revive?


Summit: The enhanced life steal is okay, but what’s made Aatrox better is that all other champions were nerfed worse. He is a tier 1 champion that can be picked anytime.

You took several major objectives when KT recalled. Was that a strategy prepared specifically against KT?


OnFleek: Usually for Baron, we go for it when the opponent shows a crack; I think that crack was visible more often today.

Joker had a Taegukgi sticker on his cheek.

(*Note: Taegukgi is the Korean flag)


Summit: When we were preparing for the match, Joker went out and came back with it. I think he did it to show off. We all didn’t know that he’ll do that.

Your last match is against SKT. Any comments?


Summit: Our last match is against one of the strongest teams in the league. As much as it is, I’ll prepare well and do my best to win.


OnFleek: In the spring, we were 13-5. I’ll do my best so that we can get that same record for the summer as well.

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