LPL Week 10 Recap - The Fastest, Slowest, Hottest, and Biggest

Week 10 of the 2019 LPL Summer Split has gone by, with FunPlus Phoenix still at the top of the standings. Six teams have confirmed a spot in the playoffs, while four teams, including former World Champion, Invictus Gaming, are still competing for the remaining two slots. With only four more days left, let's have a look at how last week's LPL went.


Fastest and Slowest GameRNG vs DMO Game 3 - 23m01s, EDG vs TES Game 1 - 52m48s

Although RNG’s top laner fell behind at the beginning, RNG managed to group and accelerate the game at the right time. At the 22-minute mark, DMO chased too far and got aced, which led to a quick RNG win.

EDG snowballed quite well with early game aggression. Akali was an unstoppable force. However, due to a bad baron call by EDG, TES turned the table and the game became a 52-minute seesaw battle. Finally, TES struggled from handling two lanes of super minions and EDG clinched the victory.

The Hottest TeamBilibili Gaming

BLG swept both RW and LGD this week, averaging 26m11s per game. The young jungler Meteor had a phenomenal performance with his father watching on-site.


The Biggest UpsetLGD 2-1 JDG

Poor teamfights and decisions after gaining a gold lead -- JDG once again showed why they were so shaky this split. Both Games 1 and 3 were textbook “comeback games” by LGD. LGD’s bot laner Kramer was the key player. He had a solid laning phase and there always was late game insurance for LGD.


The Kill Leaders (Single Game)

LNG vs V5 Game 3: y4 - Sivir 13 kills

FPX vs SN Game 1: GimGoon - Camille 13 kills


The Highest DMG%

LNG vs V5 game 1: Asura - Ezreal 47.7%

*Image Source: LPL
*Special thanks to EsportsFocus for support.

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