GRF Viper: "It becomes really difficult if Volibear stumbles, but there’s always that uniqueness of Volibear."

On the 11th (KST), Griffin defeated Kingzone DragonX 2-0 in the 2019 LCK Summer Split. With today’s win, they placed themselves again at the top of the standings. Park “Viper” Do-hyeon delivered amazing performance throughout the match and was interviewed by the media.


It was a clean 2-0 victory. How do you feel?

I feel really good that we defeated Gen.G and Kingzone in order. We now have another chance to end the season at 1st place, so I would need to put in more effort to make that happen.

As you said, you now have a good chance to end the regular season in 1st place.

I’ve always thought that we should win all the remaining matches. I think we need to do what’s needed like always.


Your performance was really impressive in both games today. Especially, the damage dealt in Game 1 was amazing.

We tried our best to not fall over our own legs. Next was thinking of how we would adapt our style into how we play. It may have been a bit boring to the viewers because we didn’t fight that aggressively, but I’m happy that we won.

Fans enjoy your little quarrels with Lehends. How would you rate Lehends’ performance today?

Since there weren’t any mistakes and the matches were very one-sided so I think I can give him a 9… But since he died once, I’ll give him an 8.5. (Laughs)

Are Ezreal and Kai’Sa the best ADCs in the current meta?

Depending on the composition or support, Xayah is quite useful as well.

Do you prefer aggressive support champions like Volibear?

I think champions like Volibear are good because they’re fun and exciting. It becomes really difficult if Volibear stumbles, but there’s always that uniqueness of Volibear.

Your remaining matches are against Hanwha Life Esports and Jin Air Green Wings. Hanwha Life Esports recently defeated top teams in two straight matches.

I think Hanwha Life Esports improved a lot. They are gathering wins by utilizing their strengths. It’s fun to watch them as well. As much as they are our next opponents, we’d need to prepare thoroughly so that there are no variables.

Any last comments?

Although the teams we’re to face are low in the standings, but they have their strengths. Hanwha Life and Jin Air both can be on their top anytime. I’ll make sure that we win by sharpening our own weapons.

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