TusiN in Kingzone's Current Issue: "Even if we are in a bad situation, we will be the team who laughs at the end."

We will be the team who laughs at the end. 


8th August, in LoL Park, Kingzone DragonX defeated Jin Air Green Wings by 2-0. Park “TusiN” Jong-ik displayed extraordinary engages with Rakan in game 1. With his performance, Kingzone won this game despite their team’s bad circumstances.

The following is an interview with Kingzone DragonX Support TusiN.


Q. How do you think about breaking the 4-game losing streak? 

Although It was really tough for me, I’m satisfied with today’s result.

Q. The situation was not good at the beginning of game 1. How did your team turn the game around?

We made several mistakes today. Frankly, we made many mistakes in recent games. Today, we just tried to focus on what we can do. Because of that, we were able to take advantage of the mistakes Jin Air made. 

Q. Can you tell us why Kingzone picked Xayah and Rakan twice?

Since Jin Air preferred to pick Varus openly, we thought Xayah and Rakan was an answer. 

Q. We would like to hear your about your opinion the team’s current synergy?

Even we had some issues recently, we are trying to make our performances better and to be at our best. We hope to get a seed for Worlds and we're doing our best to reach there. Please cheer us up.

Q. You will face Griffin next match.

I think we’re not good now. We are just a challenger to any team in the LCK. The teams we're to face would feel more pressure than we do.

Q. Any last comments for the fans who have been worrying about Kingzone?

Although we had been suffering from some issues, we’ll keep trying to reach Worlds. Even if we are in a bad situation, we will be the team who laughs at the end. 

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