First Summoner offers a variety of strategies to suit any playstyle

First Summoner is a card-based Mobile RPG that offers a variety of strategic options to the player. The game was developed by LINE Games and released to Android via GooglePlay last month, and offers high quality gameplay based the preferences that suit the user's style of play. 

Whether you focus on building an offensive or defensive centric deck in First Summoner, players are given the tools to thrive using their preferred playstyle. However, the level of specialization extends far past the type of summons you would like to build your deck around. For example, a player is welcome to cut down on the amount of summons in their deck and replace them with low mana cost and recharge rates to ensure the remaining summons will last longer and do more damage. 

Another viable option for players in First Summoner is to build one's deck around a single card with a very high mana cost. Skeleton King has the highest mana cost in the game at 20, but turns defeated enemies into ally summons. If a player can continue to support Skeleton King with low level spells and other summons, playing around this single unit and keeping it alive can be the perfect strategy. 

The Redheaded Archer

First Summoner starts with Rachel, a redheaded archer who was born with natural talent, but never accepted as a warrior.  Despite this, Rachel consistently bests her brother Idus in gladiator style battles. As the son of Lecter, King of the Balzam Empire, Idus is mocked by the other warriors for being unable to best his sister. This didn't lead to praise for Rachel as the daugher of Lecter, however, as her victories were met with boos from the kingdom for the humiliation of the next king.


As an archer, Rachel uses her bow on the battlefield to fight alongside her summons from a distance. However, other playable heroes are expected to be added as the game grows. In the future,  First Summoner may introduce characters that focus on melee damage, tanking at the frontlines of battles, or even mages, who support their summons in unique and interesting ways.

Rachel has a variety of cosmetic unlocks that players will either acquire through in-game achievements or by spending in-game currencies. Attacking in Snake's Battlefield 300 times will earn players the Black Raven costume, whereas completing the campaign on Despair difficulty will earn players the Heaven's Queen costume.

The French Maid, Qipao Cupid, and Student Teacher costumes, on the other hand, cost 3,000 crystals a piece and can only be acquired with the in-game currency.

Other characters should be available in the future, and while it hasn't been confirmed, one can expect that other First Summoner characters will have unlockable cosmetic alterations like Rachel. In addition to character unlocks, however, players can also test their mettle in First Summoner's Infinite Chaos mode, a unique, season focused feature that pits players against waves of foes in order to win valuable in-game items, summons, equipment, and more

Now available on Google Play and App Store for download, First Summoner is a real-time strategy RPG built especially for one-handed play in portrait orientation. For more information on First Summoner, visit official Website and Community..

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