SKT Teddy on Who he would Bring or Send to a Deserted Island and Life in the Team House

SK Telecom T1 is having an amazing run, winning 9 straight matches after their 5-game losing streak. During this period, they climbed from 9th place to 1st, although most of the teams are very close in the standings. After their win against Afreeca Freecs, Park “Teddy” Jin-seong spared some time to talk about life in the SK Telecom T1 team house.




Great game today. The recent LCK standings are really tangled up. Every single game matters and it must have been very valuable to have a sweep today. Why do you think it’s so close this season?

Well, during the spring, many rosters were changed a lot and it would have been difficult to bring the teamwork together. Now that it’s the summer and many teams have worked out their teamwork, all the teams are in better shape.

Kai’Sa’s tier seems to be rising. What do you think about Kai’Sa?

Kai’Sa isn’t very good during the laning phase, but her teamfights are really good.

Does she suit you well?

Yes, she does.

Recently, videos of Faker playing 1v1s before matches have been released, especially with Clid or Khan. Do you play 1v1s often back at the team house as well?

At the team house, Faker rarely plays 1v1s. He plays with Khan very rarely. We usually play solo queue when we have time rather than playing 1v1s.

Have you played 1v1s with Faker?

I did. I think I only played with Faker.

How’s your record?

I would say I have about a 40% win rate. Maybe 30%.

I’d like to talk about life in the team house, apart from today’s game. You’re on a good winning streak. How’s the team atmosphere?

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Even when we were on a losing streak, the atmosphere wasn’t that bad… There was a bit of pressure, so we didn’t talk as much. Now that we’re on a winning streak, it’s a lot better. Everybody’s more confident and has more faith in each other.

Who’s the mood maker in SKT?

The mood maker… Clid and Khan are the most talkative. After them… I guess everybody talks a lot.

How about you? Are you talkative?

Effort and I talk the least, and Khan, Clid, and Faker talks the most.

Then who’s the least fun in SKT?

The least fun would be… Effort? Actually, he might be the one that’s the most fun, but he really doesn’t talk much. His reactions are funny though.

Reactions are funny?

When we say something, his reactions are awesome. And that’s enough.

Then who least enjoys washing up?

Everybody washes up often. I share a room with Faker, Crazy, and Effort and all of them washes up well.

SKT is a clean team.

Yes, we’re a clean team.

Then if you have to go to a deserted island, which teammate would you bring with you?

A deserted island? Like an island with nothing there?

Well, there would be trees and stuff. There just wouldn’t be any airplanes or ships to bring you out.

Then… I would bring Faker. He’s somewhat trustworthy. I think he’ll carry me.

Then is there a teammate that you’d want to send away to a deserted island?

Clid. Clid is… a bit immature. Since he’s young, I want to make him stronger.

So that he can gain more experience in life and gain a sense of independence?

Yes, because he’s young.

It’s a good intention.

Yes. All by good means; making him into a social human. Since he isn’t fully mature, he needs more moral education.

Not to get rid of him, but to help him grow.

To help him grow.


Is Faker still keeping up with his unique sense of humor?

Since the reactions aren’t that positive, he hasn’t been joking that much. Everyone reacts rather poorly…

Who gives the biggest reactions?

Usually, Khan gives the biggest reaction, and then it would be Clid.

So that’s how they make the mood.


Then who’s the most different from their streams to real life in SKT? What we see on streams aren’t always the actual reflection of their personality.

I think that would be me. When I stream, I try hard to talk more, but when I’m not streaming, I really don’t talk much and stay quiet.

Who in SKT seems to like you the most?

Who likes me the most? We’re all really close, so it would be hard to say. The person I do things together or quarrel with the most would be Clid.

Kind of like brothers.

Sometimes, I would pick fights with him and he would do the same, but we stay close together.

You would be close with all your teammates, but is there someone you’d like to get closer to? Someone you’d like to do more things with?

Hmmm… Um… Actually… I’m close with everybody… But there’s awkwardness… Umm… How can I put this? Never mind, I’m close with everyone. Yes. Everyone… But… There’s this… No, they’re all comfy to be around. But…

There seems to be something…

Hm… No, I’m fond of everyone. Although there might be age differences…

Alright then, last comments to the fans?

First of all, we got our 9th straight win as of today. There are three matches left and I’ll do my best to do well and win them all. Fighting!

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