CAG GO1 is your EVO 2019 Dragon Ball FighterZ Champion

▲ Image Source: CYCLOPS athlete gaming

In a triumphant reverse sweep over Echo Fox's Dominique "SonicFox" McLean, CYCLOPS athlete gaming's Goichi "GO1" Kishida has solidified himself as the best DragonBall FighterZ player in the world. Japan's master of defense won the EVO 2019 DBFZ championship without ever dropping a match. 

SonicFox rose to challenge GO1 in the Grand Finals after defeating GO1's teammate Sho "Fenritti" Shoji in Losers Finals. Both players favored the meta 1-2 punch of Bardock and GT Goku, with Kid Buu rounding out SonicFox's team and Super Saiyan Goku rounding out GO1's team. 

While the meta may have changed drastically since GO1 and SonicFox in the Grand Finals of EVO 2018, the quality of performance certainly did not. The famed rivals put on an incredible show in the first game of the match, nearly running out the clock before SonicFox was able to take the first game. SonicFox's trademark aggression and intuitive neutral approach was backed by stellar defense that matched that of GO1's on more than one occasion. 

SonicFox was up 2-0 and looked poised to reset the bracket, but GO1 refused to budge another inch. After making crucial adjustments, GO1 won games 3 and 4 in convincing fashion to send the Grand Finals to a final game. Previously, the games had been a matter of slight edges, but a dropped combo by SonicFox that led to a wasted Level 1 Sparking proved pivotal in GO1's victory in the final game and subsequent championship.

Despite losing, SonicFox had a huge grin fixed on his face and was overcome by belly laughs as he helped a sobbing GO1 face the crowd. As SonicFox lifted his rival's hand into the air to proclaim him the champion in front of the audience,  one could tell by the look on GO1's face what this all meant to the CAG ace.


GO1 has been a top competitior in Dragon Ball FighterZ since the game's inception, narrowly losing last year's Summit of Power to NRG's Eduardo "HookGangGod" Deno and EVO 2018 to SonicFox. As Burning Core's Ryota "Kazunoko" Inoue began his rampage through the DBFZ World Tour, GO1 was forced to take time off due to wrist issues. While eventually becoming healthy before the World Tour Finals, GO1 was nowhere near his top form after taking off several months.

Since Kazunoko became the inaugural DBFZ World Tour Champion, GO1 has been on a tear, winning every event he has attended in 2019. SonicFox had pushed DBFZ slightly to the side in favor of Mortal Kombat 11 [he ended up winning MK11 at EVO 2019], squarely putting GO1 a cut above the rest of the competition in the 2019 circuit.

Because of GO1's dominant year, it might be easy to just add his most recent achievement  tally to an ever-expanding list of 1st place finishes. However, one only needs to refer to the expression on GO1's face upon realizing his accomplishment to understand how important his win at EVO 2019 is in the scope of his career. 

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