SKT Khan: "If a player’s earnest, always hard-working, and good, who would not like him?"

On the 3rd (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split Day 36 Match, SK Telecom T1 defeated Afreeca Freecs 2-0 and extended their winning streak to 9. In the match, Kim “Khan” Dong-ha delivered splendid performance throughout the game.

Below is an interview with Khan.


How do you feel having a 9-game winning streak?

I’m happy that we won, but I can’t be too satisfied since there still are more matches to come. I want to win all of them as well.

Your performance is becoming better and better. How would you evaluate SKT’s performance today?

Even when we won the championship last spring, we weren’t at our peak. As much as we had things to improve back then, there were many things to fix in today’s match as well. If we can fix everything, I think we would be able to have our peak performance.

You had a difficult early game during the laning phase. What was the reason?

In both games, I picked before Kiin. Considering that, I think my performance wasn’t bad, except for the solo kill I gave up in Game 1.

You’ve played Aatrox so many times this summer, and you’re always quite good. Do you have any tips to share?

Usually, Aatrox is picked before the opponent champion. There’s not much pressure if you think ‘I just need to play the performance expected when I picked first’.

What do you think SKT’s biggest strength is?

When the team was first formed, our head coach said that all lanes can carry, and the fact that all lanes CAN carry now is the biggest strength.

It seems that your kkOma’s favorite player. What’s your thought?

If a player’s earnest, always hard-working, and good, who would not like him? (Laughs) I’m happy that kkOma likes me a lot and I’ll put in more effort to repay him.

Any last comments?

My personal goal is to win all the games in Round 2. I’ll be doing my best to get that goal. We suffered a lot during Round 1, and our fans struggled with us. I’m thankful to them for cheering for us to the end, and I’ll do my best to reach our goal.

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