Kongdoo wakawaka: "We want to be remembered as a strong team."


Kongdoo Panthera crushed past Fnatic 3-0 in the second matchup of Overwatch APEX today. EVERMORE proved that his 5k SR was not entirely because of his luck, showing notable Zarya and Roadhog play. Rascal's Pharah posed a lethal threat to Fnatic as he positioned himself wisely and successfully utilized Pharah's mobility and skillshots at the right moments. The fact that he hardly played Pharah in the previous season of APEX added another reason for fans to keep an eye on his Pharah play.

Jiho "wakawaka" Ahn stood in the center of Kongdoo Panthera as D.Va and Tracer. He showed strong synergy with the rest of the team, providing the ground on which the team could keep its pressure on its enemies. Below is our post-match press interview with wakawaka.


How do you feel? Did you expect to win 3-0?

I thought we could win, but not so decisively like this. I was actually worried because we had gone through rebuilds recently. Everyone tried really hard to prepare for this season when there was a limited amount time left for us. I think that's how we won the match today. I feel happy.


What are your thoughs about Fnatic among other teams from the West?

I think it's hard to tell yet because we didn't have chance to scrim with other invited teams.


Kongdoo Panthera didn't make it to quarterfinals in the previous season. How are you going to prepare in this season?

We are trying to enhance our overall performance revolving around our Bling who has great flexibility. We are trying to come up with team compositions that are hard for the enemies to predict.


What heros are you most confident with?

I 've been practicing a lot of D.Va recently. I think I still have a long way to go with Tracer.


What is your goal in this season? Any specific goal you want to achieve?

Our goal is winning the whole thing of course. I've heard RunAway got really strong after the rebuild, so I think our first goal is to win against RunAway.


How do you like the team's new uniform?

I like it. The suspenders sometimes distract me from gaming, but it's no big deal.


Any last words?

We would like to thank our sponsors Xenics and Raito PC Bang. We are regarded strong only in online tournaments yet, but we really want to be remembered as a strong team also in offline tournaments.

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