GEN Fly on Pantheon Rework: "Rather than being good or bad, it’s regretful for me that the fond champions are disappearing into history."

Gen.G Esports climbed to 2nd place in the 2019 LCK Summer standings after their 2-1 victory over Jin Air Green Wings. Mid laner Song “Fly” Yong-jun played Vel’Koz, Veigar, and Ekko during their victory, as if he wanted to prove that he was the most unorthodox mid laner in the league. After the match, Fly sat with Inven Global for an interview.


Many new picks appeared in today’s games. It would have been an enjoyable game for mid lane users. Is it your intentions to prepare so many unique picks?

It would be about half on me and the other half on the team. They told me to play those unique picks and make it into my own style.

In the LCK, you pick the most diverse… or rather unique champions in mid lane. Is there a reason?

From a long time ago, I used to play the champions that suit me well. The most popular picks nowadays are Corki and Azir, but they’re picks that are a bit passive in the early game. I enjoy playing champions that can do something in the early game, the ones that scale into the late game, and the ones that are very active.

I’d like to talk about the picks. Looking back on yourself, which champion do you have the most affection for?

Aurelion Sol. He’s too weak these days. I heard that they’re changing him; I might be able to play him again if he’s good then. Of course, I can play him now, but his stats are way too bad right now.

Which champion would you least like to meet in mid lane?

If I speak of ‘champions that are hard to face’ seriously, it’s top-secret. But I can talk about the champions that are really ‘annoying’. No.1 on that list would be Taliyah. It would be the same for the opponent if I play her. It’s not that hard to play against in the laning phase, but she suddenly roams around and comes back with an extra kill on her. My teammates start to nag me without words when I play against her.

Which mid lane champion do you think was the most OP in the history of LoL?

The first thing that comes to mind is the ‘nuke-spear’ Nidalee. Her heal was really good as well. She went well with my style; I think she was the best ever. She was fun, good… Really OP. After Nidalee that was reworked, I was quite sad.

Then which mid champion is the best right now?

I would pick Corki and Azir. As much as they have the most appearances in the pro scene, they’re good picks. Apart from that, I think it’s just up to individual preferences.

Did you see the new Pantheon? What do you think about it? You had said that he was one of your favorite champions.

Pantheon was easy and strong; that’s why I liked him. For me, it’s a bit regretful that he changed like this. The champions I liked are changing… Like Nidalee. I wish they would just add more champions. Rather than being good or bad, it’s regretful for me that the fond champions are disappearing into history.

Garen appeared in the LEC. What do you think is necessary for Garen to appear in mid lane?

Garen would need a stun and a dash skill. With those two, I think he’ll become a lot more popular. It would be great to counter AD champions since he has good stats. Actually, he’s good to counter AD champions at the moment as well… He’s just dumb.

There should be a lot more champions hidden up your sleeve. Can you recommend a good mid lane champion?

I’ll say Pantheon. He’s still easy and strong. And… I wish people play Aurelion Sol more. He can annoy the opponent champions as Taliyah can. You can push the lane and go roaming all of a sudden. That goes well with me… It may be difficult, but please play him more.



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