C9 Mendo: "I play as a team with my teammates."


Cloud9 secured its first victory in Overwatch APEX today, winning 3-1 against CONBOX Spirit. The team had a relatively weak beginning in Set 1 Ilios, but C9 quickly climbed to momentum and proved its superiority over CONBOX Spirit with beautifully coordinated skillshots and teamwork. Full hold in Hanamura and all three points in Hollywood were more than enough for C9's successful grand debut in Overwatch APEX Season 2. C9 proved that the recent roster change was not a problem as Gods successfully blended with the rest of the team. His synergy with the rest of the team was definitely something to watch, and Mendo's Tracer and Surefour's Zarya added other elements to the game that produced some great moments.

Below is the post-match press interview with Lucas "Mendo" Håkansson, C9's DPS that showed notable plays along with the rest of the team.


How does it feel to win?

I feel really great. I feel happiest when I play Overwatch.


You didn't participate in APEX Season 1. What came across your mind when you were watching all the other teams that were playing in APEX Season 1?

I felt jealous looking at the other teams play in APEX. That also inspired me to practice harder and also analyze the game to greater depth. I tried hard to better prepare myself for APEX.


How is playing in Korean server different?

It is my first time playing Competitive in Korea, and I don't think it's the best environment out there because there are more aimbots than other parts of the world. I players in KR Competitive do not necessarily have better mechanics, but they do have better coordination in general. I enjoy playing KR Competitive. I even want to live in Korea just because of its Competitive Play.


How does it feel to participate in Korean tournament?

Once I start to focus on something, everything else kind of go away from me and stay out of my mind. Once I grab my keyboard and mouse, there are only me, my teammates, and nothing else. I didn't care so much about the environment today when I was playing.


Your team had relatively weak showing in the first set. Why do you think that happened?

I think our teamwork was not at its best with Gods having just joined us very recently. I think we needed some time to adjust. I was also not at my best condition in the first set. My mechanics came back to its momentum by the time Set 2 began.


You showed notable plays with Soldier: 76 and Tracer. Who is the hero you are the most confident with?

I play as a team with my teammates. What I care the most about is not what hero I am good at, but what hero I should play to make the greatest contribution to the team. I do play McCree and Tracer a lot in Competitive, but that doesn't necessarily mean that those are the heroes that I want to play most of the time.


Your next opponent is Afreeca Freecs Blue. How are you going to prepare for the matchup?

We don't really have any specific plan, but will just keep practicing the way we have been doing until now. There is a new patch coming up, so I think we will focus mainly on adjusting to the new patch. We will spend a lot of time discussing what team compositions we should come up with, what our weaknesses are, and how we should adapt to the new patch when it hits live.


Any last words?

I am thankful for all the fans that cheered for us. I will try hard to prove myself.

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