Surviving Infinite Chaos - First Summoner’s In-depth Board Game

Just when the player thinks that they’ve figured out the perfect deck and strategy to handle anything in First Summoner, they’re introduced to a brand new game mode that throws all of that out the window. 

Infinite Chaos is a unique, season focused feature that pits players against waves of foes in order to win valuable in-game items, summons, equipment, and more.

Each season introduces unique rules that are applied to Infinite Chaos. Unlike the base game, summons and mana remain consistent throughout levels and only disappear at the end of each floor. So if you have 6 summons and 4 mana at the end of a stage, you’ll start the next stage with the same 6 summons and 4 mana. This means that if the player is doing well enough, they can have a ridiculous amount of summons on the board at once. Once the floor is cleared, remaining summons are converted into Chaos Coins.

In the first season of Infinite Chaos, players can’t use their ordinary decks. Instead, the game will force the player to choose between two randomly chosen cards. One card is chosen at a time until the deck is composed of 6 cards in total. Players can still use any items and equipment that they’ve leveled up to take on the trials, so improving this gear can determine whether or not Infinite Chaos makes or breaks them.  


Into the Abyss!

There are 12 Infinite Chaos levels to choose from. Level 1 is the easiest while Level 12 is the hardest. Higher levels are unlocked by clearing lower levels and completing campaigns.


Once Infinite Chaos begins, players will be placed onto a board with the objective to clear floors by defeating waves of enemies. Moving throughout the board requires Move Cubes, which are automatically awarded at the start of every floor. Move Cube can also be purchased from the Chaos Goblin for a set amount of Diamonds.


At the end of every wave, the player is able to choose from 3 randomly chosen character upgrades that will persist through the entire trial. These upgrades range from decreasing summon cooldowns, increasing mana collected from defeating enemies, increasing the hero’s max health, and much more. They’ll cost Chaos Coins, which are earned through defeating enemies throughout Infinite Chaos. The better the upgrade, the more Chaos it will cost. It’s important to know when to spend the currency and when to save up.


At the end of every floor, players are given the choice to finish Infinite Chaos or try the next floor. Choosing finish allows the player to collect all of their accumulated loot. Trying the next floor continues the trial, but if they are defeated, they’ll lose everything they’ve collected thus far.  


Breaking Down the Board 

And what would a board game within a mobile RPG be without an array of whacky and sometimes unpredictable spaces to land on. Follow this guide while fighting through floors to ensure you know what you’re getting yourself into:


    • Starting Block - The starting point of each floor
    • Finishing Block - The finishing point of each floor, guarded by a powerful monster. Conquer this block to move on to the next floor or exit the Chaos
    • Battle Block - A normal battlefield. Various enemies and traps are lying in wait for you.
    • Destiny Block - Chance block. Anything can happen, whether it’s good or bad
    • Elite Block - Powerful Elite monster appear here. Tough battles for big rewards
    • Prison Block - Prisons house powerful enemies who can help you on your journey
    • Vital Spring Block - Heals heroes and summonlings alike
    • Golden Curse Block - A den of Golden Curses. Hunt them before they run away to get Gold Fragments
    • Monument of Wishes Block - A mysterious monument appears and grants you a wish. The results of the wish may or may not be what you wanted. 
    • Chaos Store Block - The Chaos Merchant appears, carrying various supplies that can only be used in the world of Chaos. 


Tips and Tricks for Traversing the Chaos

While cards are randomly selected at the beginning of Infinite Chaos, cards that you’ve upgraded will stay upgraded for this mode. It’s important to have a good mix of low and high mana cost cards, but make sure you’re picking the cards you’ve upgraded the most and are the most familiar with to ensure that you perform well in the trials.

Know when to exit the Chaos! If you had a particularly tough time completely the previous floor, it may be in your best interest to cut your losses and escape with your accumulated loot. Better to leave while you can and train up to tackle the Chaos later down the road then get wiped out and have nothing to show for it. 

Take advantage of specialty spaces when you can. The determining factor between success and failure in Infinite Chaos is knowing how to effectively utilize the board on any given floor. Make sure to only use Vital Spring Blocks when you and your summons are critically injured and Elite Blocks are only landed on if you’re confident in the strength of your summons going in.   

Now available on Google Play and App Store for download, First Summoner is a real-time strategy RPG built especially for one-handed play in portrait orientation. For more information on First Summoner, visit official Website and Community.

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