SKT Clid on the match against KZ, "We have a lot of things to give feedback on."

SKT T1 extended their winning streak to eight games.

1st August in LoL park, SKT T1 faced Kingzone DragonX, and defeated them with performance prowess. SKT is now ranked at 3rd with this victory. SKT jungler Kim"Clid" Tae-Min revealed that he thinks the next match with Afreeca Freeks will be harder than today.

The following is an interview with SKT Jungler, Clid.

How do you think about today’s victory?

Frankly, I'm not satisfied with our performance, today. Since no one can know the time our winning streak would be broken, we should stay focused on the remaining matches.

Can you tell us the reason why you don’t satisfy with your team’s performance?

I made some mistakes. Plus, there were some miscommunications between ourselves. That’s the reason why we dead meaninglessly several times in game 1.

Your team SKT not only extended the winning streak to game 8 but also ranked 3rd on LCK standings.

Extending winning streak or LCK standing don't matter. All the things we care about are maintaining our prowess. We can beat any team at our best.

You will face Afreeca Freeks next match.

I saw the match between Kingzone and Afreeca Freecs last time. I think Afreeca Freecs is a better team. Although we just turned a corner today, we will face a bigger one. And I think the next match against them will be hard with a performance like today. We have a lot of things to give feedback on.

In game 2, if Khan wasn’t able to solo-kill Vladimir at top lane, what was the next plan?


That solo-kill was important, but we still dominated both side lanes before that solo-kill. So I thought we can stem the tide. That solo-kill was lucky anyway.

Any last comments?

I’d like to say thanks to all the fans who have been cheering for us even when we were stuck in a losing streak. Thank you to coaches, teammates, and the staff members in SKT, too.

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