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Pantheon is getting a rework, and his new ultimate is a thing of beauty



Riot Games wasted no time after its Mordekaiser rework, unveiling Pantheon, the Unbreakeable Spear as League of Legends' most recent reworked champion. Pantheon's visual and gameplay update will be available on Patch 9.16 and is currently live on the PBE. 

▲ art by Takuo

The majority of Pantheon's rework is focused on cosmetic and quality of life updates. Smoother animations accompany a far more defined, well-rounded, and striking character model to accompany the spartan's resilience on the rift. However, the biggest change is Pantheon's ultimate ability.


Pantheon's ultimate from his time as the Artisan of War, Grand Skyfall, will be retired in favor of Grand Starfall. While the "Man Drop" is an iconic technique from an older era of League of Legends, Grand Skyfall was outdated for modern League of Legends. Unlike Grand Skyfall's semi-global leap, Grand Starfall starts with a medium leap before Pantheon catapults himself towards the other team. In addition, Pantheon's new 5-hit passive, Mortal Will, activates immediately upon landing.

Pantheon has long been a feast or famine champion, possessing one of the best early game kits in League of Legends but falling off massively without properly snowballing ahead. Grand Starfall should give the Unbreakable Spear some more teamfight utility and group impact even with a slightly more tepid early game.


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