Faker on SKT T1's Daily Schedule and Importance of Sleep


SK Telecom T1 extended their winning streak to 7. It was another step closer to Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok’s ‘prophesy’ of getting a 13-game winning streak. What’s more impressive was that they haven’t dropped a single set deficit during the streak period. After the match, we were able to talk to the legend himself, Faker.


Congratulations on today’s win. What we’re going to talk about today is about SKT’s day. We’ve talked about this to Khan as well, but this time, I want to hear it from you. First, what time does SKT usually get up?

We get to work at 12 and I try to get up around 11:50.

You get up at 11:50 and get to work at 12?


You should need to move like a bullet.

That’s to sleep as much as I can. I tend to sleep a lot.

Sleep is important. Then what do you do first after you get to work?

Turn on the PC. In the morning, I have to go to the bathroom… 12 O’clock is morning, right? Go to the bathroom, and we have a meeting or play solo queue until 1 PM.

Easing up your hands, your head… Warming up.


Then does it start really from 1 o’clock?

We play scrims from 1. All teams have that pattern, so yes.

It’s like an appointment between all the teams.


There are scrims, and there is individual practice. When do scrims end?

We have two sessions of scrims; one from 1 to 4, and another from 7 to 10.

Then where does individual practice go? In between or afterward?

Afterward (10 PM). Or we sometimes stream, or sometimes have extra scrims.

What do you do between 4 and 7?

That’s break time. We sometimes get manual therapy, but usually, we rest and play solo queue, run personal errands; just maintaining our own conditions.

Do you eat then as well?


Is that your first meal?

Actually, my second. I usually eat gimbap from a nearby convenience store in the morning.

They would recognize you because you’re always there.


During practice, do you watch VODs as well?

We don’t have a specific schedule to watch them. When we think we lack something, or if we want to analyze opponents, we watch them on our own.

It depends on individual needs.

Yes. And the data we analyzed is shared among the team and talk to the coaching staff too.

From 30 minutes to about an hour?

It’s not like we’re obligated to. We just talk about it like everyday conversations while we play.

Do you watch your own VODs? Like how you played and stuff.

From time to time I do. I don’t usually watch the VODs from previous matches. We had a good winning streak. What I watch more are other teams’ styles or picks through VODs.

How about foreign leagues?

Recently, I watch them more often. We were inspired a lot at the MSI by the foreign teams, so now, I watch often.

Do you look up statistics often as well?

I look them up, and our coaching staff also read them a lot. They tell me a lot of data through that.

You share that a lot with your head coach.

Yes, yes. Things like ‘these picks came out in this league’, ‘this champion appears often in ranked’ and so on.

You said 7 to 10 is scrim time. After that, what do you do?

Recently, I stream. I have individual practice after eating.

What do you focus on during practice?

Diversity is important. As much as it’s solo queue, I don’t concentrate on a single matter, I try many different things.

Like testing things out? Trying out things in solo queue to see if it’s viable in scrims?

Kind of… Yes.

Some people are worried that players don’t get enough sleep. When do you go to bed?

I usually go to bed at around 4 AM. I personally think we need at least 6 hours of sleep. I try to go to bed early.

You’re looking after yourself. Other players say they play with their phones until 5, but I guess you don’t.

If our schedule isn’t as tight, I can, but since we had so many important matches recently, I nearly eliminated phone time. Instead, I stretch before I go to bed so that it helps me have a good night’s sleep.

Again, sleep is important.


That’s the schedule of when you have a lot of matches. How is the schedule different when there aren’t as many matches or no matches?

It’s not much different. But we can do other activities during the break time between 4 and 7. Exercise or hobbies.

During the season, practice, and offseason, you can work on self-improvement.

It’s necessary to have self-improvement before the season so that we can do well for long during the season. Kind of like building up basic fitness.

Anyways, it still doesn’t seem like enough sleep. Some go to bed at sunrise. It seems like around 6 hours… If a day is 25 hours, would you want to spend that time for sleep or practice?

I’m lacking sleep recently, so I think I would spend that hour on sleep. I think the amount of time we practice is enough. I’m rather worried that other pro gamers have too much practice.

Do you want to recommend sleeping more to them?

Yes. I honestly think that helps our performances.

So you would recommend at least 6 hours of sleep?

I think at least 8 hours of sleep.

But you’re not able to do so recently.

Recently, I’m sleeping about 7 hours and a half; I think that’s an ideal amount of sleep time.

Is it because you sleep well? You seem to have grown fast. You looked smaller before.

Back then, I think I didn’t sleep as much. I was young, so even when I didn’t sleep as much, I was able to concentrate well, but now, I think I need enough sleep.

That should be good for the schedule… Now, which champion does Faker think the most OP in the history of LoL?

Kassadin? A long time ago, Kassadin’s ult range was really long. I think back in 2012? There were many insane champions. Ahri’s ult damage was double of hers now.

Alright. We’ll wrap it up now. Get some rest and sleep early.

I will.

Thank you.

Thank you!

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