"Magia: Charma Saga” pre-registration featured on Google Play Store in 72 Countries




SUPERACID announced that 2D action RPG "Magia : Charma Saga" has been featured by Google Play Store for pre-resister in 72 Countries.

"Magia : Charma Saga" is an Action RPG with memorable 2D characters and background visual, alongside with Side scroll type Battle action. The Story is about 'Magia', a source of great power created by the Creator. When Magia disorganized by a sudden incident, it created 'Charma', a forcer which hinders the world. The game depicts the process of the adventures who try to take a trip to cleanse Charma.

"Magia" was well-received for its unique style which excludes the Z-axis, and includes aerial combo action. Each Characters can use their aerial skills to make enemies in the air. And then they can use either Jump combo to chase them or use aerial combos for technical moves.

Furthermore, the game features a distinct personality for each Characters: 'Aiden' is a Swordsman who can stack stamina from general attack, then uses stamina for special attack and combo. 'Caleera' is a Battle mage who has a special ability to reduce skill cool time for a certain period of time. 'Leta' is a spirit witch who can deploy spirits and triggers them.

Player can enjoy differnt method of action and operations depending on the characters they choose.

"Magia" has Soft-launched in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand and Australia, recording more than 100 thousand downloads. You can visit Google Play pre-register page for more information.




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