Vancouver Titans' JJANU: "If MVP was based on popularity, I definitely feel I would not get picked at all."

A new stage and new meta mean the same dominance for the Vancouver Titans. The Titans ended Week 1 with a 2-0. After their win against Florida Mayhem, Hyeon-Woo "JJANU" Choi spoke with Inven Global about Stage 3 and gathered his thoughts about his MVP nomination.

Photo by Robert Paul

Thanks for joining me today! First of all, what things have you learned from Stage 3 to help you improve for the rest of the season with this new meta?

In Stage 3, we played GOATS most of the time which required a lot of teamwork. Coming into Stage 4 with the new meta which requires a lot of mechanical skill. Since we already have the mechanical skill, combining that with the teamwork we learned from the previous stages helped us a lot heading forward.

Was it hard for you to adapt back to a 2-2-2 meta? 

It wasn't hard really. Like how we had to adapt to GOATS, when we feel comfortable with a particular 2-2-2 comp, it'll feel similar to play over and over again then we'll have winning results from there.

In the current meta, I believe there are two main comps: a dive comp and Hog/Orisa comp. Those are comps we need to keep improving with. I was actually a really good Roadhog player - I used to play it a lot before being famous for playing D.Va. I think it would give us the advantage in our games for the rest of the season.

Let's talk a bit more about the previous stage. What felt like a bigger loss, the first season loss against the Valiant or the playoff loss against the Dragons?

Obviously, the playoff loss hurt a little more. At the same time, both losses were a way to learn, improve, and mature. It was a good experience for us overall.

Photo by Robert Paul

What did you learn from playing against the Dragons to help you improve?

Shanghai showed a way to beat GOATS. Since we were just focused on playing GOATS, we didn't think about a comp that counters their comp. It broke our closed mindset. Since then, we were able to be more flexible about what heroes we play.

Did you think the loss against the Dragons was worse mentally than the loss against the Shock in the Stage 2 finals?

The loss against the Shock was a little more heartbreaking since it was the finals. 

Thinking ahead to the rest of the season, who do you think will be your toughest opponents? 

Since this is early in the new stage, it is really hard to decide who is strong since I need to analyze how every team plays.

Photo by Robert Paul

Let's switch to talking about your MVP nomination. What are your thoughts about being a top 5 finalist for MVP this season?

I'm actually not sure why I'm considered to be MVP. Since I'm one of the five, I'm glad that whatever I did this season, I was able to be considered for MVP. 

Why do you think people voted for you to be one of the MVP finalists?

I believe I had some impact on our games this season whether it was flashy plays or getting picks. If MVP was based on popularity, I definitely feel I would not get picked at all. 

Why should people vote for you to be this season's MVP, especially Bumper?

I'm not sure.

Photo by Robert Paul

Lastly, where can fans reach you on social media?

People can reach me on Twitter and Instagram on @JJANU_ow, but Facebook is in Korean so I'm not sure.

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