TusiN Explains Kingzone's Daily Schedule- "Deft enjoys watching his own mad movies... Not practice, but because he just likes it."

Kingzone Dragon X is currently ranked 5th in the LCK. By the middle of the second round, now only one victory or defeat can completely change the ranking. In such an urgent situation like nowadays, the momentum of the team is the most important factor in making the result.

TusiN is a great supporter of the Kingzone, and also helping to improve the team's momentum. Inven Global could make a short time for an interview with him, and asked Kingzone's daily schedule. When do Kingzone players awake, practice, and eat? Let's check it out.


For today, for the fans that are curious about how Kingzone players spend their day, can you draw the daily schedule of Kingzone players here? When you wake up, when you practice, when you eat, etc. And then, we’ll talk about it.

Yes. Usually, I wake up at 12. It could be different depending on the situation, but mostly at 12, and we have team practice until 4 o’clock.


So do you practice as soon as you get up and wash up?

People who wash up does so and, hmm. It’s preparation time until about 1 o’clock. I’ll try to divide the schedule more. This time is eating time, but not many teammates eat. We usually get ready to practice and then practice until 4. From, 4 to 7, we have dinner and have a break. As in break, some people sleep and some work out.

I see.

Then again, from 7, we have team practice. Then we have individual practice or solo queue, and eat late meals or rest until 12 o’clock. From 12… I’ll presume the longest possible time...



This is max. It varies from player to player; free practice time.


A time to fill in for what you each lack?

Yes. We play solo queue, or if we’re in a bad condition, we can sleep early. If we’re good, we practice for long like this. It’s up to each of us, but sometimes we practice until 5 AM. Then we go to bed. This is Kingzone’s daily schedule.

What would be ‘team practice’? Scrims?

If we have scrims team vs team, we scrim, and if we don’t, we play solo queue.


How would the ration between scrims and practice be?

During the season, we usually have full scrims.


How many games a day would be full scrims?

As you can see, there are two team practices, three hours each, so about three games per practice. Except for when there are quick games that go fast, three scrims usually fill up three hours.


So a day...

Six games.


Six games...

Then we can have additional scrims in the night. We sometimes have extra scrims depending on the team schedule.


Since there are matches along the season, do you watch opponents VODs during individual practice?

Of course, we watch the VODs of opponent’s we’ll face. Studying how they play, how they draft.


For how long?

We can go as long as we can since we’re on the computer constantly. There’s some waiting time during practice and we can watch then as well.


So it’s not an obligation, you just watch them whenever you can?

Yes, kind of like a habit.

Do you watch your own VODs?

Our own Vods? Deft does often. He enjoys watching his own mad movies.


Not for practice, because he’s proud?

Yes, not practice, but because he just likes it.


Do you watch your own?

I just watch what I did bad or good.


So a review.

I think all players do reviews.


Do you look up stat sites as well? For your next opponents’ record, champion info?

Yes, we do all that we can.


You might look it up in between stuff.

Of course. That as well, we can look up during practice anytime. It’s not a fixed schedule, but we constantly see it.


You watch VODs, play solo queue. Anything else to prepare for your next match?

We sometimes watch foreign leagues, watching which champions are picked often in those regions. If a certain champion is picked often in another region, it means that champion’s good, and we can use it in the LCK.


Yeah, foreign leagues often have unique picks, it would be helpful.



What do you personally think the most during team practice?

It seems like I’m in charge of making the team atmosphere. We all started this because games are fun. So I try to create an enjoyable atmosphere because it would be better if we have fun while we work.


You encourage your teammates.

Yes, in a way.


Anything you practice during solo queue?

I think I work on individual champions. If there is a popular champion, I can try to find what other champions I can use or if there’s a champion that I think I’m only 80% on, I would grind to make it 100%.

Now, are you satisfied with this schedule?

This probably isn’t only Kingzone’s schedule; all teams would be like this.


Because you need to work on the same scrim time.

Yes, since there are two teams involved in scrims. So I think all teams should be similar.


Is there anything that you’d like to change in this schedule? For example, extending sleep time for about an hour?

Rather than changing anything… I haven’t actually found anything inconvenient in this schedule. It’s not that busy. Maybe the hardest part would be that there’s not as much time to have a break during the season? Except for when I get the thought that I want to rest for a day, I have no complaints.


Are weekends similar?

There are matches on weekends. We have breaks whether or not it’s the weekend, according to the match schedule, but mostly the same.


Thank you. Now we know Kingzone’s schedule. Thanks. It’s a busy season, take care of yourself.

Thank you.

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