Overflow, Anubisath Defender - Exclusive Card Reveal for Hearthstone : Savior of Uldum


Class - Druid
Rarity - Rare
Type - Spell
Mana - 7
Effect - Restore 5 health to all characters. Draw 5 cards.


※ Talking Points
- Use with combo cards like Anubisath Defender and Ferocious Howl.
- Heal up your big minions and get card draw.

※ Existing Synergies
- Lucentbark, Ferocious Howl, Mulchmuncher

※ Saviors of Uldum Synergies
- Anubisath Defender

[Anubisath Defender]

Class - Druid
Rarity - Epic
Type - Minion
Mana - 5
Stats - 3/5
Effect - Taunt. Costs (0) if you’ve cast a spell that costs (5) or more this turn.

※ Talking Points
- Any big spells, like Force of Nature.
- Great for Token Druid as it provides safety for a deck like this that usually doesn’t have much.
- Combos well with buffing cards like Soul of the Forest and Savage Roar.

※ Existing Synergies
- Force of Nature, Starfall, Nourish, Starfire, The Forest’s Aid, Soul of the Forest, Savage Roar

※ Saviors of Uldum Synergies
- Hidden Oasis, Overflow

The cards that Inven have to reveal exclusively in the new expansion, “Savior of Uldum”, are “Overflow”, a 7-mana spell, and “Anubisath Defender”, a 5-mana minion, both Druid class cards.


The two cards can be used separately, but since they have good synergy together, they should be used as a combo. Simply looking at the effects, it reminds you of the “Ultimate Infestation” and “Arcane Tyrant” combo.


The Druids of before the year of the Dragon used to play by pumping mana to reach higher mana value than the opponent. When they gained 10 mana crystals, they would use Kun the Forgotten King - Ultimate Infestation - Arcane Tyrant combo, giving 5 damage, gaining 5 armor, and summoning three minions with 7/7, 5/5, and 4/4 on the board while drawing 5 cards. Even when they didn’t have Kun in hand, using Arcane Tyrant after Ultimate Infestation was usual.


The cards that were revealed aren’t as destructive. Overflow is worth 3 mana less than Ultimate Infestation. While drawing the three cards, it heals all characters including the enemy minions and hero. The Anubisath Defender as well; he has Taunt, but it’s like he gained that Taunt by reducing 1 attack damage. To aggressive players, it could be somewhat dissatisfying.


Of course, this is considered rather weak compared to the original Ultimate Infestation - Arcane Hero, but thinking of the synergies that can be made with the new cards of Savior of Uldum, it is not any less useful. For one thing, you can draw many cards in the late game which is prone to having your hand dried out, and it also helps find the key card of the recent Token Druid meta, Savage Roar.

It’s clear that you heal all enemies by 5 which is a weakness, but if you have many minions on the board, the expected value from Savage Roar is a lot higher. Also, as much as it heals 5 HP, there’s an open possibility for a ‘heal deck’ using cards that have synergies with Heal like Crystal Stag.


Anyways, considering that Rogue’s Sprint draws 4 cards with 7 mana, healing every character by 5 is a worthwhile penalty to drawing 5 cards.

▲ You can try to get Savage Roar quickly or aim for heal synergies.

It’s the same with Anubisath Defender. Token decks usually utilize Treants and low-cost minions to dominate the field. If the field is cleaned up in the late game, The Forest’s Aid is used to gain more minions on the field.


However, at that point, there would be a lot of received damage which would make the player vulnerable to charge cards like Leeroy Jenkins. As much as Token Druids don’t add many Taunt minions other than Zilliax, on the turn you use The Forest’s Aid, your face would be open. Anubisath Defender can resolve that issue.

If a control deck that utilizes Nourish or Starfall, the use of it rises. Paired with one of the new Druid cards, Hidden Oasis, you can have a 6/6 minion and 3/5 minion, both with Taunt, with only 6 mana.

▲ These spells have good synergy with Anubisath Defender.

Druids had taken a step back from the main meta, being pushed by Hunters, Warriors, and Rogues. Will they return to glory? And during that return, will Overflow and Anubisath Defender be utilized? Only time will tell.

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