GRF Viper talks about Riot's Patches, 9.14, and his Desire for Graves to be Rolled Back

On the 25th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split match between kt Rolster and Griffin, Griffin swept KT 2-0, ending their 3-game losing streak. The performances Griffin displayed were remarkable, and Park “Viper” Do-hyeon’s performance shined among them. After the match, Viper sat for an interview.


How do you feel about today’s win?


While we were on the 3-game losing streak, I thought that we can still raise our performance, and did my best. I’m happy that we won today.

What did the team focus on during the losing streak?


There were many things we went over, but we mainly said that if we do as we always did, improving our mistakes and by doing our best, we would win.

Patch 9.14 is a hot potato. What do you think the biggest change is?


There are so many bugs… (Laughs) Sylas has become better again. He’s good enough to play in carry lanes. His shield changed to a magic shield, so he became more unique. Other champions changed too. The champions that were extremely strong were nerfed. I think there were many changes, and there’s still a lot more to discover. I’m not sure how the games will go. It feels like that many things were patched this time.

What changed as a bot laner?


Not much, but a lot changed for support, so bot laners are affected.

Let’s go back a bit. There were a lot of patches. Which patch did you like the most?


I liked it when Kai’Sa was buffed. Looking back at the first Kai’Sa, she was really bad. After she got the buffs, I felt really good. It was a patch that scratched the itchy parts that I can’t reach. 

On the other hand, which patch was the worst?


When Graves was reworked and became unviable as an ADC. I really liked Graves; all of a sudden, his range was shortened and became a jungler. I still miss the Graves as an ADC. I don’t think Riot intended Graves to become a jungler, but it doesn’t make sense because his range is way too short, and the necessity of having to reload is really uncomfortable for an ADC. Just like Jhin isn’t seeing much play nowadays. ADCs need to hit constantly.

Which champion or items do you want buffed in future patches?


Stormrazor used to be better before. It felt good hearing the crits blow off. As for champions… I really want Graves to be rolled back. I also miss the Kog’Maw that had fast attack speed. It wouldn’t be bad to see him now. He was a champion that had clear pros and cons; it’d be fun if he appears for sure.

In the patches, Riot’s intentions are usually quite clear. They induce skirmishes or strengthen ADCs, etc. What do you think about that?


Whether than saying it’s good or bad, I think those attempts make LoL last so long and be loved by the users. If there’s not much change, players lose interest. Attempting new things are stepping in the right direction. Even if there sometimes are patches that aren’t as positive. The change itself is important.

How’s Doran? He’s there in place of your captain, Sword.


Doran’s prowess is good for sure. He still has a lot to learn, though. He can do well, and I believe that he will.

Lastly, a word to the fans?


We did lose a lot, but we had feedback and made improvements during that period so that we can win. In the remaining matches, we’ll return to our best form and repay you with peak performance.

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