Cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao: “I want to be someone who can help other people to pursue their passion, which I have been starting to do.”


In which country is cosplaying the most popular? As the root of many different worldwide popular anime series, Japan would come to mind first. However, the region that produces top-class cosplayers and has been gaining more recognition is southeastern Asia: Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Alodia Gosiengfiao is a cosplayer that represents Phillippines. She’s known to be the cosplayer with the most followers in the world (Facebook 6.5M+, Twitter 384K+). Crossing genres from games to movies, she participates in events as a model, reporter, or MC hosting the event. Being a popular streamer is a default.

This world-star Alodia participated in WCG 2019 held in China. She showed off her cosplays and took part in a talk show, making her fans delighted. As much as her popularity, Alodia was extremely busy, but she was able to spare some time to talk. Let’s have a look at what world-star cosplayer that leads the culture and content has in mind.


You are already so famous! Please introduce yourself to the fans.

Alodia: I'm Alodia, from the Philipines, I am a gamer and cosplayer and entrepreneur!


What activities are you doing at this event (WCG)?

For this event I am a cosplayer, I am together with my cosplayer friends from around the world to judge the cosplay competition the first day and did a cosplay parade today.

In addition to being a cosplay model, I heard you do various activities like reporting, MCing and owning a talent agency for gaming, 'Tier One'. How did you overlap your cosplay career with owning a talent agency for esports people?

Well, I figured out way back then that the industry in the Philipines needs more support in the gaming area, a lot of traditional people don’t know what esports is, and our company will be there to help people to pursue what they passionately do in the gaming industry. We try our best to get them jobs with things they like to do.

What is your most memorable cosplay?

So many *laughs* I did so many, but I think my favorite one is from the Disney Movie Gogo from Big Hero 6 - then I did a makeup tutorial that when I posted and it went viral, I did not expect that!

What about the second one?

My first cosplay from anime Witch Blade, it’s based on US comic, and we performed in Singapore and represented the Philipines in the WCS.

Is there a cosplay you want to try but haven’t?

I still wanna do a lot of video game characters.

Mobile Legends, DoTa, League of legends, everything you see at WCG is what I really like!

I wonder if you have another cosplayer you like?

I really like my friend Liui Aquino, he is like the male version of me, so we do a lot of collabs together! He is also very successful and travels all around the world.

What is the most important mindset in cosplay?

For me it is perseverance, people think it is all - what you call that? -ah- glamour, but there is a lot of behind the scenes and lot of preparation and a lot of things happen that people don’t see online, you need to work hard, and if you don’t get a cosplay right the first time it’s fine, you did the costume, you improved...just keep trying, ask your friends for help!

Your content has shifted a little bit throughout the years, from being in an Idol Group in Japan to traveling around the world and streaming more IRL content. What made you change?

For me, I like to try out different things, if you think about the future and wonder “why didn’t I try that out?”, so I like to try things out and be able to say “at least I tried that!” and if it works it works, if it doesn’t that’s ok.

In the future what do you ultimately want to be?

I want to be someone who can help other people to pursue their passion, which I have been starting to do. Someone who changes their life and inspires people.

Lastly, what is your message to the fans?

I wanted to thank them for the support, I have been here for a while but I mean, it is really touching to see them still there, and I hope they also support the future I support, the future of this generation is very welcoming!

▲ I look forward to seeing you again next time!


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