[WCG 2019] WCG Explains Changes in Semifinalists of Crossfire


July 20th, in Xi’an, China, the group stage of Crossfire was held. Among the eight teams, five teams had the same record. According to the rules, Super Valient, Golden V, Pacific Macta, and Black Dragons were decided to advance according to the winners in the head-to-head rule.


However, this result considered all eight teams’ head-to-head records instead of considering just the tied teams head-to-heads, and ‘All Gamers’, who would have proceeded to the semifinals if the head-to-head record was considered among the five tied teams, were eliminated from the semifinals.


All Gamers protested immediately and WCG reviewed the rules and put the rules into global standard. Due to this, the standings of the Crossfire was changed. All Gamers, who were initially eliminated, came up to second place and Brazil’s Black Dragons were eliminated. As a result, the semifinalists came to be Super Valient, All gamers, Golden V, and Pacific Macta. Black Dragons, who were eliminated due to the change, are still protesting, but it seems that there will be no more changes.

The following is the announcement of WCG regarding this incident.


WCG Committee reviewed the final standings and qualifying teams of the Crossfire group stage thoroughly. Based on the WCG - Crossfire grand final rules, qualifying teams to the semi-finals are as following;

Super Valiant (6W)

All Gamers, Golden V and Pacific Macta (4W)


-------------------- related rules that affected final decision ----------------------


Based on the final standings, five teams (All Gamers, Golden V, Pacific Macta, Carbon and Black Dragons) were scored the same winning points with four wins so we applied the head to head rules. The following rules will help you understand how the decision was made.


-------------------- WCG - Crossfire grand final rules --------------------


In case of 3 or more teams having the same number of wins, the following rules shall apply

1) The Head to head match results are taken into account. The winner of the match (or matches) between the affected teams advances.

2) Number of winning rounds won during group matches.

3) If they have same number of round wins, it will be determined based on the difference between number of wins and losses.

4) Rematch.

5) If all of the teams do not qualify to advance to the next phase, they are deemed tied with same ranking.


Final Standings


▲ When applying rules of 1) Head to Head, All Gamers advances with maximum wins between affected teams.


▲ When applying rules of 2) No. of winning rounds during group matches, Golden V and Pacific Macta are advances with higher number of round wins


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