Louis Vuitton made a video game and you can play it now.

Play the game yourself here at Louis Vuitton's official website.

Are video games officially a fashion accessory now?

While geek culture and video-game inspired fashion has been on the rise in the past decade, the endless runner flash game aptly titled "Endless Runner" by Louis Vuitton is a new frontier. Instead of video games occasionally peaking their way into fashion, this game represents the rare case in which one of the most iconic fashion labels in the world has stepped into the world of gaming.

In the game, you play as an... endless runner who runs around collecting different Louis Vuitton symbols by jumping, sliding, and throwing shopping bags.  It is a simple game that isn't going to win any awards for creativity, but it is an interesting development considering Gucci, another high-end fashion brand, release two games on the Gucci app just this month -- Gucci Ace and Gucci Bee

▲ Designer Virgil Abloh's FW19 clothing line is the inspiration for the game -
Photo credit: Getty Images / Victor Boyko

In an age where mainstream culture is rapidly accepting video games as a valuable and normal part of society, it really is no surprise that non-endemic brands of all varieties might try and make a splash with a game of their own. High fashion used to be defined by its out-of-reach nature, but as streetwear becomes more and more popular (and as a result, an influential section of the high fashion world) it's accessibility and emphasis on practical expression makes things like Louis Vuitton publishing a flash game not the strangest thing in the world.

After all, what better way to get an online generation to interact with an otherwise completely out of reach brand like Louis Vuitton If you'd like to enjoy the novelty of what is essentially a nothing-to-write-home about Runner game, you can play the game for your self here.

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