[Interview] Faker and Deft Are High School Friends?!


Deft is known as one of LCK's greatest bot laner of all time. But did you know that he wasn't regarded as the best player during his time in high school? 

Faker and Deft used to attend the same high school. Maybe it's because the two has never been in the same team before, or that they are rivals here in the LCK, but the fact that the two studied in the same building during high school came awkwardly to me. Two of the best players in the world, coming from the same school; it's hard to imagine. 

Were Faker and Deft friends during high school? Do they even remember each other? Let's find out!

Remember to turn on subtitles before watching!

Which high school did you guys graduate from?

Deft: I graduated from Mapo High School.

Faker: Mapo High School.

Yes or no question: I was the best LoL player in my class.

Deft: I was the no.1 player in my class. However, there was a player called Gojeonpa(Faker) in another class that was ranked either 1st or 2nd... (both were Faker) I was about rank 100 on the ladder.

Faker: Of course, I was 1st on the ladder.

(To Faker) You were attending the same school as Deft. Were you still regarded as the best player in school?

Faker: I didn't know who Deft was at that time, so I strongly believed that I was the best player in school.

Have you ever ran into Faker while playing solo queue?

About once or twice.

Did you guys acknowledge each other when running into each other in solo queue?

Deft: Gojeonpa was really famous... As for me, I grew famous almost instantaneously. When I met Gojeonpa, I told him that I go to the same school as him. He accepted my friend request afterward. I haven't actually talked to him through the client before though...

Deft said he's met you a few times in solo queue, and that you accepted his friend request.

Faker: Hmm? I don't remember...

The fans call you and Deft the 'Mapo duo'. They give you guys the nickname Mapo High School's Bloodthirster for Deft and Mapo High School's Rabadon's Death Cap for Faker.

Faker: My nickname during high school was actually 'Mapo High School's Fiery Fist'. 

Did you feel uncomfortable when your friends compared you to Gojeonpa?

Deft: I only attended that high school for 1 year, so I didn't have any close friends.

Did you two really never speak to each other in solo queue?

Faker: There wasn't really anything to talk about with each other back then.

Say something to each other!

Deft: Sang-hyeok... You won too many times... let me win too.

Faker: Do well, Hyeok-gyu!


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