Vancouver Titans' SeoMinSoo: "Whether it is a playoff game or regular game, we never try to think about wins or losses. We love to play this game."

The Titans are in the stage playoffs once again trying to reclaim the crown that the Shock obtained in Stage 2. Their first match was against the Houston Outlaws who's been on a roll as of late. However, the Titans pulled out the win to advance to the semifinals. 

After the match against the Outlaws, Min-soo "SeoMinSoo" Seo spoke with Inven Global about mental preparation for the stage playoffs and whether any stress and criticism affect his play.

▲ Photo by Robert Paul

Last stage, you lost in one of the best match series in Overwatch League history against the Shock. Was it a tough loss for you guys? Did you think you were mentally prepared for the finals?

In the previous stage finals against the Shock, I had to go back and rethink why we lost. I believe it's because we didn't fully prepare from beginning to end perfectly. In these stage playoffs, we are fully aware to prepare and be ready for each game. 

The loss against the Shock didn't hit us too hard mentally. We did feel angry after the match since we lost with huge stakes, but focused on the task at hand for this stage and getting back here today.

You've qualified for all stage playoffs since you got in the Overwatch League this season. Do you mentally prepare differently for playoff games rather than a regular season game?

Whether it is a playoff game or regular game, we never try to think about wins or losses. We love to play this game. Our mentality is trying to do our best and have fun in each game. It sucks to lose, of course; but, no one is perfect and we review our mistakes and hopefully correct them next time.

Do these playoff games feel old to you yet?

It's kind of hard to think these playoff games feel the same. Every game feels different, even if we play the same opponents. It's hard to explain. 

How do you and your team stay focused in each playoff game? Is there any complacency after these playoff games?

We believe that having a sense of relief - no matter what game it is - is an uncharacteristic factor to being a pro player and winning. 

Personally, I have this mental strength where it doesn't matter who I play, any mental barriers do not affect me. 

Photo by Robert Paul

You have experience playing in significant games from Contenders, then here in the Overwatch League. A lot of new players in the Overwatch League have tons of nerves in the stage. Do nerves play a factor for yourself whatsoever? 

I'm the type of person who does not care what other people think or criticize about me. I believe the fans are there to be entertained and have fun. I want to make sure I give them a good show. 

If there are people who criticize you for how you play, how do you deal with that?

If someone criticizes me negatively, it is just how that person in particular thinks. It doesn't affect or change the way I play.

Do your other teammates have similar thoughts as you about criticism and mentality?

I don't feel that they do. Even if they do, I don't really know. Most of the time, we just do our own thing. So far, we're doing good so something's working.

Going into the next match, how do you prepare for that especially since it's on short notice?

It depends on who we face, of course. But, we have a general strategy for each team and we try to perfect it by game time. 

Photo by Robert Paul

Lastly, is there anything you want to say to your next opponent?

Let's have a fun match!

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