Black Desert Online Global Lab Patch Notes July 13th: Shai's New Talent (Awakening) and Capotia Accessory Enhancement

Shai Found a New Talent!

● Shai can join others in their adventures with instruments!
- Shai does not "awaken" like the other classes.
- Shai equips herself with instruments instead of an awakening weapon. There are a total of 3 different types of instruments that she can equip: Turing, Tu-Tu, and Tohkong.
- A new skill window has been added for Shai.
- Shai can access the new skill window no matter which instrument she equips herself with. 
- Each instrument comes with unique stats such as 'rhythm' and 'performance'. These stats affect Shai's new skills.
- You can receive the quest that unlocks Shai's new talent through the Black Spirit at lvl. 56.
● You cannot use previously existing 'awakening weapon boxes' on Shai.
- When you complete the lvl.56 quest, you'll be given three blue-grade instruments and three yellow-grade instruments. The blue instruments will have high base stats but you won't be able to enhance them. The yellow instruments will have low base stats, but they could be improved through enhancement. 
● New skill: 'Let's Go!' has been added.
- You can activate the new skill by pressing Q or E while casting One-Two-Three.
● Shai's Florang skill damage has been increased in PVP. 


● You can now craft Capotia accessories. 

Capotia Accessory Ingredients
Necklace (lvl.64) Yona's Fragment x400
Karanada's Latent Aura x3
Oil of Storms x5
Earring (lvl. 62) Yona's Fragment x300
Nouver's Latent Aura x3
Oil of Corruption x5
Ring (lvl. 61) Yona's Fragment x325
Kzarka's Latent Aura x3
Oil of Foritude x5
Belt (lvl. 63) Yona's Fragment x350
Kutum's Latent Aura x3
Oil of Tranquility x5


●You can now enhance Capotia accessories. 
- You can enhance Capotia accessories by using an accessory of the same name.
- Capotia accessories aren't destroyed upon failed enhance. They instead lose 10 durability and an enhancement level.
- You can restore Capotia accessories' durability using Yona's Fragments.

Capotia Necklace Stats
Base 25 AP / 16 Accuracy
PRI 26 AP / 16 Accuracy
DUO 27 AP / 17 Accuracy
TRI 28 AP / 18 Accuracy
TET 29 AP / 19 Accuracy
PEN 30 AP / 20 Accuracy


Capotia Earring Stats
Base 13 AP / 8 Accuracy
PRI 13 AP / 9 Accuracy
DUO 13 AP / 10 Accuracy / 1 DP
TRI 13 AP / 11 Accuracy / 2 DP
TET 13 AP / 12 Accuracy / 3 DP
PEN 13 AP / 12 Accuracy / 4 DP


Capotia Ring Stats
Base 14 AP / 8 Accuracy
PRI 14 AP / 9 Accuracy
DUO 15 AP / 9 Accuracy 
TRI 15 AP / 10 Accuracy 
TET 16 AP / 10 Accuracy 
PEN 17 AP / 10 Accuracy 


Capotia Belt Stats
Base 14 AP / 8 Accuracy
PRI 14 AP / 9 Accuracy
DUO 15 AP / 9 Accuracy 
TRI 15 AP / 10 Accuracy 
TET 16 AP / 10 Accuracy 
PEN 17 AP / 10 Accuracy 


● You can now gather Yona's Fragments through heating yellow accessories. (You must complete a prerequisite quest to unlock this feature.)

Ogre Ring 7~9 Yona's Fragments
Tungrad Necklace 9~11 Yona's Fragments
Laytenn's Power Stone 7~9 Yona's Fragments
Black Distortion Earring 9~11 Yona's Fragments
Tungrad Earring 7~9 Yona's Fragments
Narc Ear Accessory 5~7Yona's Fragments
Forest Ronaros Ring 2~4 Yona's Fragments
Eye of the Ruins Ring 5~7 Yona's Fragments
Tungrad Ring 9~11 Yona's Fragments
Orkinrad's Belt 7~9 Yona's Fragments



● A feature to turn in all completed challenges has been added.
● An option to ignore other players' boats while fishing has been added. (To stop kidnappers)

- If you turn this option on while fishing on another player's boat, you'll fall through the boat. 

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