GEN Fly on Mid Lux: "Win lane, win game. We thought that if we do well in lane, we would naturally win."

On July 12th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split, Gen.G Esports took down Griffin 2-0, ending Griffin’s 5-game winning streak. Mid laner Song “Fly” Yong-jun played on stage for the first time this summer and delivered outstanding performance on Lux in both games. After the match, he was interviewed by the press.




You took down Griffin today. How do you feel?


I feel good that it’s been a while since I won. We took down Griffin multiple times in the past; I’m satisfied that today’s performance was also like the past victories.

Looking back, Gen.G really did take down Griffin often. This time again, you stopped their winning streak. Why do you think Gen.G takes down Griffin often?


We’re not that strong against them in scrims. When it comes to the actual competition, we’re more concentrated. And having the experience of beating them would also be a plus.

You played on stage for the first time this summer.


I played because my recent form is better. There were many champions to play as well, so naturally, I started today.

What did you do while you weren’t playing on stage?


I really played games a lot… It was a difficult time. However, I tried to keep my cool. I thought the only one that can fix this situation is me, so I really practiced hard.

There should be a lot of competition in mid lane within the team. Isn’t it stressful?


I don’t really get stressed because of that. I just think of it as homework that my head coach gives me.

How much do you think you can win in Round 2, and how many games do you think you’ll be able to play?


Until my form goes downhill, I think I’ll be able to continue to be starting for a while.

When you flashed Pantheon in Game 1 during the draft, people were excited. Did you prepare much?


Pantheon is my no.1 favorite pick. I played him ever since I started LoL. I wanted to play him, but we transitioned to a different pick. For the comp balance as well.

Mid Lux hasn’t been used in the LCK. What were you aiming for in today’s game?


Win lane, win game. We thought that if we do well in lane, we would naturally win.

Is Morgana the counter against mid Lux?


It depends on the skills. Rather than being a counter, the better player wins.

Any resolutions regarding Round 2?


I’ll maintain this form, remembering this condition, this mentality to come back in good shape in Round 2. I’ll deliver better performances.

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