New video reveals three upcoming Saviors of Uldum cards

▲ Hearthstone Game Designer, Alec Dawson.


On Thursday afternoon, the Hearthstone team released a short video on their official Youtube and Twitter channels showing off a few upcoming Saviors of Uldum cards.


As the League of E.V.I.L is making their way to Uldum to wreak even more havoc, the League of Explorers will need all the help they can get to restore balance to the force. Alec Dawson, a Game Designer on the Hearthstone team, was featured in the video and responsible for letting players know what is in store. 



A Quest and bugs?!

                                                                                                                                                     ▲ Images via Hearthpwn


With a few quests revealed thus far, it's Mage's turn to show off what new toys they will get to play with. Raid the Sky Temple is a Quest that bodes well with an existing deck currently in the game: Cyclone Mage. As Mana Cyclone can generate numerous random Mage spells with relative ease, it would make sense that this Quest would slide right into the existing deck for additional late-game value.



Shaman gains a powerful early-game Battlecry minion in Weaponized Wasp. Historically, Shamans and Lackeys don't often go well together. But, in the video, Dawson said that Warlock and Shaman will be given cards to support that archetype in this expansion. As for the yet-to-be-revealed new Lackey being added during the Saviors of Uldum card set, Shaman players now have a reason to care what it is.



Lastly, Druid gains a new card that acts as both a piece of removal and a token generator. BEEEES!!! acts similarly to Imp-losion in that it creates a board presence while dealing damage to an opposing creature you want gone. With Token Druid having powerful tools already in its arsenal to succeed, BEEEES!!! could be an auto-include depending on the build.


As the expansion's launch date of August 6 approaches, players have less than a month to find out if the League of Explorers have what it takes to take down E.V.I.L once and for all.

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